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Update bootleg NEWS August 2020

- Hot Space Live '82  3x1cd  Live in Japan 1982.
- Hyde Park  1cd  (Sound Elixir 07E 521) Live in Hyde Park 1976.
- Hot Space Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd 1DVD  (Masterworks) Hot Space session, various versions etc.
A Night At Boston 2020 Remaster  2cd  (Wardour 430) Live in Boston, January 1976. Re-release. Remaster.
- Budokan 1975 Final Night Master Stroke  2cd  (Wardour 429) Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan, May 1st. 1975. Remaster.

Updated bootlegs NEWS July 2020

- The Summit Houston Texas  (2cdr)  (NSU) Houston Texas, USA December 11th. 1977.
- Kokusai Kaikan  2lp  Live in Kobe, Japan  April 23th. 1977. 2 x one sided picture disc's.
- Los Angeles Forum 1977  2cdr  (NSU rec) Los Angeles Forum, LA  USA March 3rd. 1977.
- Magic Zurich  1lp  Live in Zurich 1986.
- In The Fire  1lp  (TMOQ Spain) Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
- Live At Earls Court 1977  2lp  (Verne) Live at Earls Court, London England June 1977.
- Life Sentence  1lp  (TMOQ - Spain) Japan 75.
- The Game  Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd 1DVD & BLRAY  (Masterworks) The Game session, remix, out-take etc.
- Running Wild  1lp  (TMOQ) Buenos Aires 81.

Updated bootlegs NEWS June 2020

- Sun City 1984  2cd  (Chrome Dreams) Sun City, South Africa  October 19th. 1984.
- News Of The World -The Concert 
10 Inch vinyl  (Coda) Houston 77.
- Jazz  Expanded Collector's Edition 
2cd 1DVD BLRAY  (Masterworks) Jazz session, remix, demo etc...
- Regal Rock  2cd  (Tarantura) Live Boston, USA  January 30th. 1976.
- Greatest Hits Live  1cd  (Laser Media) I guess live in Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
- The Many Faces Of Queen  2lp & 3cd Studio tracks. Pre-Queen & tribute tracks. This is more a PIRATE product.

Updated bootlegs NEWS May 2020

-Imagine The Game  4cd  (Rock It Music Ltd) Live Rosemont, USA & Festhalle, Germany 1980.
- Definitive Nishinomiya 1982  2cd  (Wardour 420) Live Japan 24th October 1982.
- Live In Seattle  2cdr  (Galaxy Records) Seattle, USA March 13th. 1977. (Released 2009)
- What's Goin' On Round  1lp  (TMOQ) BBC session 74 & 77. Color vinyl.
- News Of The World  Expanded Edition  2cd & 1DVD  (Masterworks) Expanded edition.
- Queen Box Set  5lp box  (Audrey) Various recordings from pre-Queen band.
- Rock That Texas Ass  3lp  Live in Houston, USA December 11th. 1977.
- Stay Free  Volume Two  1lp  ( TMOQ) Live In Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986. FM radio broadcast.
- Stay Free  Volume One  1lp  ( TMOQ) Live In Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986. FM radio broadcast.

Updated bootlegs NEWS April 2020

- New York 1975  1cd  (Wardour 416) Live at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, NY on February 16th, 1975 (Late Show).
- The Broadcast Collection 1977-1986  5cd  (Cult Legend) Live Huston 77, Rio 85, Germany 86.
- Morumbi Stadium Brazil 1981  1lp  (CL 80949) Live in Brazil 1981.
Attack In New York  1cdr  (Breakdown) Live at Avery Fisher Hall, New York, NY February 16th 1975.
- QAL Tokyo Japan 2016 3 Days Complete  6cd+DVD  (Xavel) Live Japan 2016.
- A Day At The Races Expanded Edition  2cd+1DVD  (Masterworks) 'A Day At The Races' session, re-mix, live tracks etc.
- QAL Fire Fight Australia  1cdr+1DVDR  (EVSD) Live at ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, Australia 16th February 2020.

Updated bootlegs NEWS March 2020

- QAL Live In Japan 2020 1st Night Definitive Edition  2cd  (Xavel 224) Saitama, Japan 24th January 2020.
- QAL Live In Japan 2020 2nd Night Definitive Edition  2cd  (Xavel 225) Saitama, Japan 26th January 2020.
- QAL Live In Japan 2020 Osaka Definitive Edition  2cd  (Xavel 226) Osaka, Japan 28th January 2020.
- QAL Live in Japan 2020 Nagoya Definitive Edition  2cd  (Xavel 227) Nagoya, Japan 30th January 2020.
- Coventry Theatre 1975  1lp  Live Coventry, UK 1975.
- March Of The Bohemian Queen  1cdr  (Eye Of The Storm) Studio 75 & 76.
- Liverpool 1979  1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK 6th December 1979.
- The Doll's Festival  2cd  (Moonchild) Live at The L.A. Forum, Inglewood, California  USA March 3rd 1977.
- Mannheim 1986 - Totally Live  2cd  (not on label) Live Mannheim, Germany  June 21st. 1986.
- A Danish Race  2cd  (Golden Egg) Live in Copenhagen, Denmark May 12th. 1977.
- Tear It Up  1lp  (ROXMB 013) Live Tokyo May 11th. 1985. Clear & red vinyl versions.
- A Night At The Opera Expanded Edition  2cd 1DVD & Blu-ray  (Masterworks) 'A Night At The Opera' session, re-mix, live etc.

Updated bootlegs NEWS February 2020

- QAL Live In Japan 2020 Complete  8cdr  (Xavel) Live in Japan January 2020.
- Los Angeles Forum 1977  2cd  (Shakuntala 220/221) Live at The Forum, Inglewood, California  USA March 3rd 1977.
- L.A. Forum 1977  2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour 407) Live at The Forum, Inglewood, California  USA March 3rd 1977.
- Live In Boston 1976  2lp  (Verne Rec 073) Live in Boston, USA 1976.
- Races At The Forum  2cdr  (Breakdown 777) Complete concert at L.A. Forum 1977.
- Hammersmith Odeon 1979  2cd  (Wardour) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on December 26th, 1979.
- Wembley 1980 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour) Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 8th December 1980.
- Newcastle 1979 1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1205) Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK 3rd December 1979.
- The Forum Master Tape 1977  2cdr  (no label) Live at The Forum, Inglewood, California  USA March 3rd 1977.
- The Candle  1lp  (TMOQ) BBC sessions 1974 & 1977.
- Montreal 1981 : Radio Broadcast  2cd  (Wardour 398) Montreal November 1981.
- Dutch Magic Wintertime  1lp  Live in Holland 1974. 400 numbered copies.
- QAL Kyocera Dome Osaka 2020  2cdr  (Not on label) Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka January 28th 2020.
- QAL Osaka Dome 2020  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka January 28th 2020.
-QAL Nagoya Dome 2020  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1220) Live at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya Japan, January 30th 2020.
- QAL Saitama Super Arena 2020  4cdr  (Uxbridge 1202) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Japan January 25th & 26th 2020.
- Rock In Rio 1985 2nd Night  2cdr  (not on label) Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 19th January 1985.
- QAL  Nagoya 2020  2cd  (Wardour 404) Live at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan  January 30th, 2020.
- QAL Osaka 2020  2cd  (Wardour 403) Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan  January 28th, 2020.

- QAL Saitama Super Arena 2020 2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour-402) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan on January 26th, 2020.
- QAL Saitama Super Arena 2020 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour-401) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan on January 25th, 2020.
- QAL Closed Soundcheck  1cd  (Wardour 400) Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 25th January 2020 STEREO IEM (from Original Masters).
- Ultimate Montreal 1978  2cd  (Wardour) Live at the Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1st December 1978.
- Glasgow 1979 2nd Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland 1st December 1979.
- QAL  Saitama Super Arena Day 2  2cdr  (no label) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Japan January 26th 2020.
- QAL  Saitama Super Arena Day 1  2cdr  (no label) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Japan January 25th 2020.
- QAL Second Night In Japan 2020  2cdr blr  (Nanker Rec) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Japan January 26th 2020.
- QAL First Night
In Japan 2020  2cdr blr  (Nanker Rec) Live at Saitama Super Arena, Japan January 25th 2020.
- QAL The Rhapsody Tour In Osaka 2020  2cdr  (SY 1506) Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka January 28th 2020.
- Tokyo 1985  2cd  (Hobo) Live at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikuka, Tokyo Japan May 11th 1985.
- Transmission Impossible  3cd  (Eat to The Beat 117) Mannheim 86, Buenos Aires 81, Hyde Park 76.
- The Lost Radio Tapes  2cd  (SPV Laser Media) Various live.
 - QAL Live at Nagoya Dome 2020  2cd blr dvdr  (Xavel 338) Nagoya Dome, Nagoya Japan, January 30th 2020.
- QAL Live at Kyocera Dome Osaka  2cd blr dvdr  (Xavel 337) Osaka, Japan, January 28th 2020.
- QAL  Saitama Super Arena Two Days Complete  4cd blr dvd
r  (Xavel 336) Saitama, Japan, January 25th & 26th 2020.

Updated bootlegs NEWS January 2020

- The Works Live In Concert 1984  4cd  (CM 8404) Sun City Oct. 19th 1984 & Vienna, Austria Sept. 29th 1984.
- Sheer Heart Attack Expanded Edition  2cd 1dvd  (Master Works) Studio, rare mix & demo works etc. Videos 1974.
- Imaginary Boys  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.

Updated bootlegs NEWS December 2019

- Ready For More  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.
- Queen II Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd & 1DVD  (Masterworks) Regular album + remix, demos etc...

Updated bootlegs NEWS November 2019


Live In Japan 1985  1cd  (R & B Rec) Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
- Queen's Last Stand  2cd  (Wardour 386) Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan May 15th, 1985.
- Saarbrucken Festival 1979  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Ludwigsparkstadion, Saarbrucken, Germany 18th August 1979.
-QAL Columbus 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 290) Columbus, OH, USA, August 13th. 2019.
-QAL Washington 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 287) Live at Capitol One Arena, Washington, DC, USA 30th July 2019.
-QAL Mansfield 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 289) Live at Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA, USA 4th August 2019.
-QAL Global Citizen Festival  1cdr & 1DVDR (Power Shine 297) Live New York, USA  September 28th 2019.
- QAL Global Citizen Festival  1cd  (Diamond Rec) Live New York, USA  September 28th 2019.
- Queen I  Expanded Edition  2cd & 1DVD (Masterworks) Regular album + demos etc....
- Brian May Nottingham 1998  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK 24th October 1998.
- Philadelphia 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 24th July 1982.
- Rock For Kampuchea  2cd & 2DVD  (Regina Immaculata Prod) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London UK December 26th. 1979.
- Flash Alive  2cd
r  (Shelter) Wembley Arena, London  England  December 8th. 1980.
- Santa Monica Civic Center  2cdr  (NSU 2059/60) Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.
- Wembley 1978 Final Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK 13th May 1978.

Updated bootlegs NEWS October 2019
- Rock In Rio  1cd  Live Rio De Janeiro, Brazil January 1985.

- Rock Box  3cd   Various  live.
- Hot Space The Spectrum  2cdr  (Breakdown 770) Live At The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA July 24th 1982.
- The Works Tour '84  2cdr  (WR 1211) Live at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa, October 19th, 1984.
- Santa Monica 1976 3rd Night  2cd  (Wardour 380)  Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.
- A Night In Santa Monica  2cdr  (Breakdown 768) Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.

- Captured Live  1lp
same as "Live at Estadio Jose 1981" bootleg.
- It's Only Rock'n Roll  1lp 
Various studio albums. Copy of "Ultra rare Trax Vol III".
- The Strange World  1lp 
Japan 75. Copy of "Honcho Dori All Night Long".
- How Many More Times  2lp Live Osaka, Japan October 24th. 1982. Copy of "Get Down" 2lp bootleg.
- Uris Theater NY 74  1lp Uris Theater, New York, USA  May 7th. 1974.
- Live In Sendai Japan 76  1lp Live Sendai, Japan April 2nd. 1976.

- I Want To Break Free  1lp  Pic Disc. Live 1986.

Updated bootlegs NEWS September 2019

- Live In Budapest  1lp  (no label) Live Budapest 86.
- Queen  1lp  (Audrey AR 057) Hexagonal shaped cover. Colored Vinyl and Numbered Limited edition of 200.
- Sun City '84  2cd  Live in Sun City October 19th 1984.
- Live In Sao Paulo 1981  2cd  Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil March 20th 81.
- Live In Paris & Tokyo '79  2cd  Live in Paris & Tokyo 79.
- Rockin' Brazil  2cd  (SPV) Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 20th. 1981.
- Leiden 1986 1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live Leiden, Holland June 11th. 1986.
- Mannheim 1986  2cd  (Zip city) Live Mannheim, Germany  June 21st. 1986. Radio FM.
Køln 1974  1cd  (Wardour 368) Live at Sartory Hall, Køln (Cologne), Germany on December 6th. 1974.
- Complete Kobe 1975  2cd  (Wardour 367) Live at International Hall, Kobe, Japan on April 23rd
. 1975.
- London Battle  1lp  Live at Rainbow Theatre, London  March 31st. 1974.
- BBC Session Experience  1lp  Live at Golders Green, London  September 13th. 1973.
- Redlight Blues  1lp  BBC Session July 73 & April 74.
The Cult Dimension  1lp  BBC Session October 74 & October 77.

Updated bootlegs NEWS August 2019


- QAL Mansfield 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1093) Live at Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA, USA 4th August 2019.
- QAL Washington 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1092) Live at Capitol One Arena, Washington, DC, USA 30th July 2019.
- Madrid 1986  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1096) Live Madrid, Spain  August 3rd. 1986.
- QAL Columbus 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1094) Columbus, OH, USA, August 13th. 2019.
- Definitive Sao Paulo 1981  2cd  (Wardour 366) Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 20th. 1981.
- Paris 1979  1cd & 1DVD  (Wardour 365) Paris, France, Feb. 28th & March 1st. 1979.
- Buenos Aires 1981 AM Radio Broadcast  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1088) Live Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb. 28th 1981.
- News Of The World In Concert  2cd  (Coda Publishing) Huston, USA, December 11th. 1977.
-QAL The Rhapsody Tour 2019 Toronto + Washington D.C.  4cdr  (Breakdown 767) Live Toronto & Washington D.C. July 2019.
- Lazing On A Sunday Evening  1cdr  (not on label) Live in Tokyo, Japan, April 4th 1976.
- Up Field Tapes - Makomanai Ice Arena  4cdr  (ST 19022) Sapporo, Japan, May 1979.
- I'm In Love With My Car  7 Inch single  (Rockwell Publishing) 4 tracks. Live Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1981.

Updated bootlegs NEWS July 2019

- Oxford 1973  1cd  (Wardour 358) Live at New Theatre, Oxford, UK  November 20th 1973.
- Bristol 1973  1cd  (Wardour 359) Live at Colston Hall, Bristol, UK  November 29th 1973.
- The Works Down Under  2lp Live in Melbourne, Australia  April 19th 1985.
- QAL Live In San Jose 2019  2cdr  (Breakdown) Live in San Jose, CA, USA  July 14th 2019.
- Definitive Essen 1980  2cd  (Wardour 354) Live in Essen, Germany 1980.
- Mannheim 1986  2cd  (Wardour 353) Live in Mannheim, Germany 1986.
- Brussels 1982 2nd Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live in Brussels, Belgium 1982.
- Zurich 1980  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live in Zurich 1980.

Updated bootlegs
NEWS June 2019

- News Of The World Tour  2cd  (Diamond Records) Houston, USA  December 11th. 1977.

- Paris 1984  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Paris, France  September 18th. 1984.
- Budokan 1985 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour 348) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  May 8th. 1985.
- Live In Budapest 1986  2lp  (Verne Records) Live in Budapest 1986.
- The Miracle 30th Anniversary Edition  3cd & 1DVD  (Wardour 347) Demos & Rough Mixes, Non-Album Tracks, Alternate Versions, etc.
- Rare Live Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd + 1DVD  (Masterworks) Various live.

Updated bootlegs NEWS May 2019

- Live At Eastadio Jose 1981  1lp  (Supernaut) Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
- You Made Us We Could Fly  1lp  (Roxborough 024) Live in Rio De Janeiro, Jan. 1985.
- Live In Mannheim  2cd  (Diamond Rec) Live Mannheim '86, + Live Aid '85.
- Pop Spectacular  1cd  (Wardour 340) Live Golders Green, London 1973 & Live Liverpool 1973.
- The last Time Live In Japan 1985  2cd & 2DVD  (Impromptu Records)  Live Japan, May 11th 1985.

Updated bootlegs NEWS April 2019

- Another Party Is Over  1lp  (ROXMB037) Live Houston, TX, USA December 11th. 1977.
A Picnic By The Serpentine  2cd & 2dvd  (Masterworks) Live Hyde Park, London, UK  September 18th. 1976.
Milwaukee 1975  1cd  (Wardour 339) Live at Uptown Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA 7th March 1975.
Kobe 1975 Alternative Master  2cd  (Wardour 338) Live at the International Hall, Kobe, Japan 23rd April 1975.
Multitrack Masters  6cd  (Universal) Studio mixes etc.
Our Gracious Queen  1lp  (Coda) Live form 77 - 85.
Under Pressure In America  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston '77 & US TV '82, 2 live songs.
Works In Milan  2lp  (Casino Rec) Live Milan, Italy  September 15th. 1984.
Rock In Rio  1lp  (RIR85) Live Rio, Brazil  January 1985.
South America Bites The Dust  2lp  (SABD 81) Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
Honcho Dori All Night Long  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.
Portland Steamer '74  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Portland, USA April 28th. 1974.
The Multitracks Mixes Collection  6cd  (RIP 01) Various studio work.
Montreal 1981  2cdr  (not on label) Montreal, Canada  November 1981.
A Night At The Metropolis  8cd box  (Empress Valley)  4 concert in Tokyo 1976.
Geisha Boys  9cd box  (Empress Valley)  4 concert in Tokyo 1976.
Budokan 1979 5th Night  (uncirculated master)  2cdr  (no label) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan April 25th. 1979.
Queen's Last Stand 1985  2cdr  (no label) Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985.
Berlin 1978  2cd  (Wardour 337) Live at Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany on April 28th, 1978.
Definitive Budokan 1981 4th, Night  2cd  (Wardour 336) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on February 17th, 1981.
Happy And Glorious  2cd  (Anglo Atlantic) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985.
Tear It Up In Tokyo  1lp  (Anglo Atlantic) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985.
Tsumagoi 1975  2cd  (Wardour 335) Live at Exhibition Hall, Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi, Kakegawa, Japan 29th April 1975.
Definitive Budokan 1979 5th. Night  2cd & 1dvd  (Wardour 334) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  April 25th, 1979.

Updated bootlegs NEWS March 2019


- Milton Keynes 1982  'Collectors Edition'  2cdr  (Uxbridge 997) Live Milton Keynes 1982.
Houston We Have No Problem  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston, Texas USA  December 11th. 1977.
Seibu Stadium 1982  1cdr  (Not on label) Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
The Vaults Demos And Rare Stuff 1971-1991  4cd Long Box  (Magicland Rec) Various rare recordings, demos etc.
Definitive Budokan 1976  2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour 331) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 31st March 1976.
Nagoya 1979  2cd  (Wardour 332) Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 28th April 1979.
Phoenix 1980  1cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Compton Terrace, Phoenix, AZ, USA 6th July 1980.
Jubilee Nights At The Court  2cd 2dvd  (Masterworks 1902) Live at Earls Court, London, U.K. June 6 & 7 1977.
Definitive Seibu Stadium 1982  2cd  (Wardour 330) Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
Wembley Arena 1984 Final Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 8th September 1984.
Kanazawa 1979  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Jissen Rinri Kinenkan, Kanazawa, Japan 21st April 1979.
Kobe 1979  3cd  (Wardour 327) Live at Kobe Central Gymnasium, Kobe, Japan 27th April 1979.
Rock The Summit  2cd 2dvd  (MW 77) Live Houston, Texas USA  December 11th. 1977.
Happy And Glorious  1lp  (Anglo - Coda) Tokyo, Japan  May 11th 1985.
Crazy Little Things  1lp  (Anglo - Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
Now We're Here  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
Killer Queens  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
Lyon 1979  2cd  (Wardour 326) Palais des Sports, Lyon, France 17th February 1979.
-Dundee 1975  2cdr  (Uxbridge 981) Live at Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland 13th December 1975.
Un Autre Monde  2cd  (Shakuntala 179/ 180) Hot Space, The Miracle & Innuendo demos etc.

Updated bootlegs NEWS February 2019


Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo (2nd. edition)  2cd 1dvd  (Wardour 324) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
- Definitive Vancouver 1978  2cd  (Wardour 323) Live at PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 14th December 1978.
- Playing The Game  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires, Argentina,  February 28th. 1981.
Radio Ga Ga In Tokyo  1lp  (Coda) Tokyo, Japan,  May 11th. 1985.
Yamaguchi 1979  2cd  (Wardour 325) Live at Yamaguchi Prefectural Gymnasium, Yamaguchi, Japan 2nd May 1979.
Up Field Tapes Budokan Vol. 2  4cdr  (STCD 19020) Live Tokyo April 24th & 25th 1979. 
Up Field Tapes Budokan Vol. 1  4cdr  (STCD 19020) Live Tokyo April 14th & 23th 1979. 
Live At Wembley Arena 1984  2cd  (Shakuntala 177/ 178) Live London, September 4th. 1984.
Definitive Seattle 1977  2cd  (Wardour 322) Live Seattle Arena, USA  March 13th. 1977.
New London Theatre  1cd  (Wardour 321) London, England, October 6th. 1977.
Wembley Stadium 1986  1cdr  (no label) Live at Wembley Stadium 1986. Radio Broadcast.
Definitive Knebworth 1986  2cd  (Wardour 320) Knebwort Park, Stevenage, England  August 9th. 1986.
Definitive Boston 2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour 317) Live
Boston Music Hall, Boston, USA  January 30th. 1976.
- Procession 1973  2cdr  (Eye Of The Storm) Golders Green Hippodrome, London, England  September 13th. 1973.
Huston News  2cdr  (Eye Of The Storm) Live in Houston, USA  December 11th. 1977.

- Back To The Opera 2cdr  (Eye Of Storm) Live Boston Music Hall, USA  January 30th. 1976.
The Last Live In Japan 1985  2cd 2dvd  (Masterworks) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
The Game Tour 1981  1lp  (Coda Rec) Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina  Feb 28th. 1981. Clear vinyl.
Heaven For Everyone  2cd  (Moonchild) Live in Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa  October 19th. 1984.
Boston Crazy Night  2cd  (Moonchild)  Live in Boston, USA  January 30th. 1976.
Last Night In Japan  2cd  (Moonchild) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
Last Stand In Japan 1985  2cd  (Shakuntala) Live in Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan May 15, 1985.
Budokan 1981 3rd Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th February 1981.
Vienna 1978  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 2nd May 1978.
Definitive Milwaukee  2cd  (Wardour 318)
Live at Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA 10th September 1980.
- In The Court Of Crimson Queen  2cd  (Moonchild Rec.) Earls Court, London UK  June 6th. 1977.

Updated bootlegs NEWS January 2019

- Definitive Live Magic  1cd  (not on label) This release is 14 minutes longer, fixing some of the painful edits on the official release.
Down Under 1985  2cdr+dvdr  (Uxbridge) Sports & Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia 19th April 1985
Montreal 1980  1cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada 29th August 1980.
- Paris 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Palais des Sports, Paris, France 3rd May 1982.
- Budokan 1985 First Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 8th May 1985.
Oakland 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA, USA 7th September 1982.
Madison Square Garden 1982 (2nd. Night)  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA  July 28th. 1982.
College Park 1977  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Cole Field House, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA 4th February 1977
Definitive Live Aid  1cd + 1dvdr  (Wardour 316)  Wembley Stadium, London UK  July 13th. 1985
The Battle  2cdr  (Phoenix) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  March 22nd. 1976.
The Open Air Festival 1986  2cd  (Shakuntala 173/ 174) Mannheim, Germany  June 21st. 1986.
- QPR 
Hyde Park 2005  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 15th July 2005.    
- QPR 
Wembley Pavilion 2005  2cdr  (Uxbridge)  Live at Wembley Pavilion, London, UK 11th May 2005.   
- QPR 
Brixton Academy 2005  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK 28th March 2005.
Ultimate Huston 1977 (2nd. press)  2cd +1dvd  (Wardour) Live at the Summit, Houston, TX, USA 11th December 1977 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)
Richfield 1977  2cdr  (Uxbridge 957) Live at Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH, USA 23rd January 1977 STEREO SBD.
Young Nobles Of Rock  2cd  (Tarantura 5th. edition) live Tokyo, Japan May 1st. 1975.
Definitive Osaka 1979  4cd  (Wardour 315) Live Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, April 19th & 20th 1979.
Definitive Budokan 1981 2nd Night  2cd (Wardour 314)  Live Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, February 13th, 1981.
Definitive Chicago 1980  2cd  (Wardour 313) Live Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA  September 19th, 1980.
Definitive Chicago 1978  2cd  (Wardour 312) Live Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, USA  December 7th, 1978.
Giboushi  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 171/172) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan  April 13th. 1979.
Two Nights Of Magic  4cdr  (Breakdown 747) Live Groenoordhalle, Leiden, The Netherlands June 11th & 12th 1986.
Rock Budokan II 1981  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 169/170) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  February 13th. 1981.

Updated bootlegs NEWS December 2018

A Night At Budokan 1976  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 165/166)  Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo  March 31st. 1976.
The Reaction & The Opposition  1cd  (Wardour 299) Collection of Roger Taylor & John Deacon pre-Queen work.
Dera Psycho  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 167/168) Nagoya, Japan  Oct. 26th. 1982.
Definitive Kobe 1975  1cd  (Wardour 311) Kobe, Japan Japan 23rd April 1975.
Definitive Sun City 1984  2cd  (Wardour 306) South Africa 19th October 1984. Stereo SBD (upgrade).
Newcastle 1979 2nd. Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Newcastle, England  Dec. 4ht. 1979.
Definitive Osaka 1976  4cd  (Wardour 309) Live Osaka, Japan  March 29th. 1976 (2 shows).
Milton Keynes 1982  2cdr  (not on label) Milton Keynes, UK June 5th. 1982. Audience rec.
The Best Of The Magic  2cd  (Moonchild Rec.) Live Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986,
Hammersmith Odeon 1979  2cd  (Wardour 307) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London UK December 26th. 1979.
Rare Live 1977 US Tour  2cdr  (Breakdown 746) Live in Maryland, USA  February 4th 1977.
Wembley Arena 1st. Night  2cd  (Wardour 308) Live Wembley Arena, London England, December 8th. 1980.
Definitive Nagoya 1982  2cd  (Wardour 305) Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 26th October 1982.
White Christmas  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 22nd December 1977.
Munich 1982 1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Munich, Germany May 21st. 1982.
-Definitive Portland 1974  1cd  (Wardour 304) Portland, USA April 28th. 1974.
Live Aid  1cdr  (AMB 016)  Wembley 1985.

- Sekarashika  2cd  (Shakuntala 162/163) Live Fukuoka, Japan  October 19th. 1982.
The Queen Special  1cdr & 1dvdr  (Uxbridge 935) INFO later.
- Queen Live Box  4cd titles.  Various live from 77 to 85. Pro-recording.

- Live Aid  1cd  (Wardour 303) Wembley Stadium, London England  July 13th. 1985.
Definitive Osaka 1985  2cd  (Wardour 302) Osaka May 15th. 1985.
-Definitive Nagoya 1985  2cd  (Wardour 301) Nagoya 1985.
-Definitive Budokan 1985 2nd. Night  2cd  (Wardour (300) Tokyo May 9th. 1985.
-Complete 2 Nights In Birmingham 1984  4cdr  (Beatfile 744) Birmingham, UK 1984.

Updated bootlegs November 2018

- Complete Edinburgh 1982  4cdr  (Uxbridge 912) Edinburgh, Scotland June 1st. & 2nd. 1982.
- Live Works In Paris 1984  2cdr (Breakdown 742) Live in Paris, France, September 18th. 1984.
- Live Aid  1cd  (un sure label)  Wembley Stadium, London England, July 13th. 1985.
- Knebworth 1986 
1cdr  (WR 1123) Live 1986.
- Yoyogi 1985 
2cdr  (not on label) Tokyo May 11th. 1985 (audience rec).

Updated bootlegs October 2018

- News Of The World In Concert  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston, USA Dec. 11th. 1977.
- Greatest Hits In Concert 
1lp  (Coda) Live at Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985.
- Death On Two Legs 
1lp  (Roxborough) Live at The Summit, Huston TX Dec. 11th. 1977.

Updated bootlegs September 2018

- Live At L.A. Forum 1977  1cdr  (Breakdown) Live at The Forum, Los Angeles USA March 77.
- Live At Hyde Park  1cdr 
(MFT 18013) Live Hyde Park, London UK Sept. 18th. 1976.
- Live Aid  1cdr 
(MFT 18012)  Live at Wembley Stadium, London UK  July 13th. 1985.

Updated bootlegs July/ August 2018

- QAL  The Monster - Live In Poland  2cdr, 2dvdr, 2BlurayR
  (WM prod)  Live in Poland Nov. 6th. 2017.
- Freddie Mercury  Isolated Vocal Tracks  1cdr  (WR 801)  Isolated vocal tracks.
- Freddie Mercury Piano Works  1cdr  (WR 1084) Isolated piano tracks.
- Hamburg 1982  2cdr
  (Uxbridge 801)  Hamburg, Germany  May 16th. 1982.

- Kassel 1982  2cdr 
(Uxbridge 797) Kassel, Germany  May 18th. 1982.
- Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo  2cd  Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
- QAL  London 2018  1st Night  2cdr (Power Shine) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 2nd. 2018.
- QAL  London 2018 2nd Night  2cdr (Power Shine) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 4th. 2018.
- QAL  London O2 Arena 2018 2nd Night  2cdr (Uxbridge 873) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 4th. 2018.
Definitive Hyde Park 1976
2cd + DVD (Wardour 288) Live in Hyde Park, London UK, September 18th. 1976.
-Magic In Spain 
r  (I just found info on this 2cdr which was released for some years ago).

Updated bootlegs June 2018

- QAL Berlin 2018 2cdr+1dvdr (Uxbridge 854) Live at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany 19th June 2018  
- Live In Japan 
4cdr  (Red Special)  Live Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokorozawa, Japan Nov. 3rd. '82
- Demos Space 
1cdr  Demos & out-takes 82-91.
- Invite You To A Night At The Budokan 
1cd  (no label) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo '76.
- The Royal American Tour 1975 
1cd  (no label) Santa Monica, Calif., USA March '75.
- Live At Wembley Arena 1978
 2cdr (Breakdown) Live Wembley Arena, London May 12th. '78.

Updated bootlegs May 2018

- Sao Paulo 
1lp  (Roxborough) Sao Paulo, Brazil March 20th. 1981.

Updated bootlegs April 2018

- Final Entertainer 2cd  (Golden Egg) Live Chicago, USA 1980.
- We Will Rock You 
1lp pic disc Live Vancouver, Canada Dec. 14th. 1978.
- We Will Rock Buenos Aires 
1lp (Coda) Live Buenos Aires 81 (pt2).
- Nothing Really Matters 
1lp (Coda) Live Buenos Aires 81 (pt1).
- Nothing Really Matters 
3cd  (Coda) Live Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo 81 & Tokyo May 85.
- Chicago Stadium 1978 
3lp  (TBP 72-74) Live Chicago Stadium, USA Dec. 7th. 1978.

Updated bootlegs March 2018

-  QAL  Rocks Down Under 2018 
2cdr  (Breakdown 772)  Live at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Australia March 3rd 2018

Updated bootlegs February 2018

- Leiden 1984  2cdr 
(Uxbridge 782)  Live in Leiden, Holland  September 20th. 1984.
-Wurzburg 1982  2cdr
 (Uxbridge 781) Live in Wurzburg, Germany  May 9th. 1982.

Updated bootlegs January 201

- Rock The Summit  2cd & 2dvd  (Master Works) Live in Houston  U.S.A. Dec. 11th. 1977.
- Budokan 1979 First Night  2cd
  (Wardour 265) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan April 13th. 1979.
- The Last Magic In Sweden  2cd  (Tarantura)  Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm  Sweden  June 7th. 1986.

Updated bootlegs December 2017

- QAL  Birmingham 2017  2cdr  (Uxbridge)  Live Birmingham, UK  December 16th. 2017.
Rare Sessions  1cdr  (WR 1024)  BBC sessions and more.
- We Will Rock Rio  4cd  (Coda) Various live 77, 81 & 85.
-We Will Rock Rio 1lp  (Coda)  Live Rio, Brazil January 1985.

Updated bootlegs November 2017

- Attack Of The Killer Queen  2cd  (Moonchild Rec)  Houston 1977 (Soundboard)
Providence 1978  2cdr  (Uxbridge 758) Providence, Rhode Island. USA 14th November 1978

Updateed bootlegs October 2017
This is some titles I have found on the net, or bought for my own collection.
More vinyl bootlg has seen daylights. Mostly limited editions.

- Leiden 1980  2cdr  (Uxbridge 741)  Leiden, Holland  Nov. 27th. 1980.
Morumbi Stadium 1981  1cdr  (WR 1009) Live Sao Paulo, Brazil  March 20th. 1981.
Modern Times Rock'n Roll  2lp  (Casino Records)  Live USA, March 7th.1975.
Estadio Cicero Pompeu De Toledo 1981  2lp  (TBP 061/ 062) Sao Paulo, Brazil  March 20th. 1981.

Updateed bootlegs September 2017
titles has seen daylight in the last weeks, well those five I know about. All from Japan.
Breakdown label released Milan 84 show. September 14th. (the first show).

Japanes Wardour label has released 3 titles so far this month. Buenos Aires 81, Tokyo 79 & a 2cd with the Nagoya concert in Japan 1975. first time out on bootleg.
Another Japanese label Uxbridge has released a 6 cdr box with the all the 3 gigs at Madison Square Garden in New York, September1980.
- Concerto a Milano  2cdr  (Breakdown)  Live in Milan, Italy September 1984.
Buenos Aires 1981 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour)  Live Buenos Aires, Argentina  Feb. 28th. 1081.
Budokan 1979 2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour)  Live Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  April 14th. 1979.
Nagoya 1975  2cd  (Wardour)  Live Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nagoya, Japan on April 22nd, 1975.
Madsion Square Garden 1980  6cdr  (Uxbridge)  Live at Madison Suare Garden, 3 gigs from Sept. 1980.

Updateed bootlegs August 2017
Japanes Tarantura label has released a 4cd box with the 2 Osaka shows on March 29th. 76. Both new tape source from Mr. Peach recordings.
Another Japanese label Wardour has re-released the Houston 77 show on 2cd & 1dvd, claimed to be an ultimat upgrade in stereo . Possible true.
But keep in mind that Queen has suggested that they will publish a 40th anniversary box, with "News Of The World" album + bonus tracks, along with concert recording on cd & dvd's.
It would have been great to get a proper release of this Housten 77 show. It's currently uncertain what this jubilee box will contain.

- Osaka Rhapsody  4cd  (Tarantura)  LiveOsaka, Japan March 29th. 1976. Queen did 2 shows on this date.
- Ultimate Houston 1977 
2cd & 1dvd  (Wardour) Live Houston, USA  Dec. 11t. 1977.

Updated bootlegs Ju
ly 2017
The Japanese DVDR label 'Northen Disc' has released a handfull of dvdr bootlegs from the 2017 tour with Adam LAmbert.
Actually more than less every gigs are audience filmed, and made available on bootleg marked.
You can find some of them listed on my
QUEEN + Adam Lambert
main page . (not complet).
Japanese label Tarantura has released an alternate recording from Queen’s show at the Tokyo Budokan on the 1st of May, 1975.
The full show on 2 CDs, taped by 'Aquarius'.

The European vinyl label 'True Bootleg Production' has released a new Queen 2lp from the show in Cologne 1974.

 - In The Land Of The Rising Sun  2cd  (Tarantura) Bodokan Hall, Tokyo Japan May1st. 1975. Another 'new' complete tape source.
- QAL  Edmonton 2017  2cdr  (Uxbridge 695) Live at Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB. Canada 4th July 2017

- Sartory Saal, Cologne Germany 74  2lp  (TBP) Live Cologne Dec 6th. 1974

Updated bootlegs June 2017

- A Day At The Garden  2cdr  (Breakdown
692) Live at MSG, New York, US Feb. 5th. 77

Updated bootlegs May & April 2017
Japanese label Wardour har released for 2nd time, the 'Magic Tour' opening show from in Stockholm, Sweden.
Uxbridge label released a 2cdr from the gig in Milwaukee, USA on March 2nd. 1976
I have found some vinyl albums, which is new to me. Not so sure the time of releaseing, orr other information.

- Definitive Stockholm 1986  2cd  (Wardour 231)  Live Stockholm, Sweden June 7th. This is supposedly an upgrade release.
- Live In Budapest 86  2lp (MGC 21381971) Budapest 1986.
- Hangman In Milwaukee 1976  2cdr  (Uxbridge 653) Live Milwaukee, WI. USA on 2nd March 1976.
- Selection Of Rarities  Part One  1lp 
- Selection Of Rarities  Part Two  1lp 

Updated bootlegs March 2017
Japanese 'Breakdown' cdr label has released a 'never before released' concert on a 2cdr.
The gig in Detroit on Nov. 18th. has just been out for first time. I've read the quality is ok.
Japanese label 'Tarantura' has re-released Young Nobles of Rock 2CD for 3rd. time. Released first time
in 2007. Re-released 3 times thereafter in 09, 13 & 17.

- Detroit 1977 First Night 
2cdr (Uxbridge 646) Live At Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michihan November 18th 1977
- Detroit Rock You 
2cdr  (Breakdown 681))  Live At Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michihan November 18th 1977
- Young Nobles Of Rock 
2cd  (Tarantura)  4th. release. Live Bodokan Hall, Tokyo  Japan  May 1st. 1975

Updated bootlegs Februar 2017
-Knebwort Park 1986  3lp  (TBP) Knebwort Park, Stevenage UK  August 9th 1986
- Live In Japan 1dvd + 2cdr  Live Japan Nov. 3rd. 1982. (2cdr bonus disc, enclosed with some of the dvd's)
- Live In Rio 1dvd (+ 2dvdr bonus disc's, enclosed with some of the dvd's)

Updated bootlegs
December 2016
- Last Live In Japan 1985  2cdr (WR 922) Live in Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985 

Updated bootlegs November 2016

- Queen II 'Expanded Collectors Edition' 2cd
 Ordinary & remixed track
- A Night At The Opera 'Expanded Collectors Edition' 2cd  Ordinary & remixed track
- Wembley Stadium Complete  4cd  Numbered Stickered Edition Only.
Live Wembley Stadium July 11th & 12th 1986.
- Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 
2lp  (TBP 045/046)  Live 29 November '80.  Limited edition of total 145 numbered copies made out on color vinyl.
- Yattokame
2cd  (Shakuntala) Live in Nagoya, Japan April 28th. 1979.

Updated bootlegs September ~ October 2016

- Frenzy At The Bodokan And The Bootleg Failure  2cd + 1cd bonus  (Tarentura)  Live Bodokan, April 24th & 13th (bonus) 1979
Magnificent Budokan Part-1  2cd  (Xavel 095)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 21st. 2016
-QAL  Magnificent Budokan Part-2  2cd  (Xavel 096)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 22nd. 2016
-QAL  Magnificent Budokan Part-3  2cd 
(Xavel 097)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 23rd. 2016 

- Piece De Resistance  2cd  (Eat The Peach) Live Montreal, Canada Dec. 1st 1978
-QAL  Bodokan 2016  1st Night 
2cd  (Wardour)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st. 2016
Bodokan 2016 Final Night 
2cd  (Wardour)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 23rd. 2016
- QAL 
Rock The Bodokan 2016  2cdr (not on label) Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st. 2016
- QAL  Bodokan 2016 
bluray r/ dvdr  (Nemo)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 22nd. + 23rd. (part) 2016
- QAL Bodokan 3 Days Complete  6cdr  (Xavel) Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st., 22nd. & 23rd. 2016

Updated bootlegs August 2016

- Sun City 1984  2lp  Live Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa 19 October 1984.
- Tokyo You Got A Beautiful Smile  1lp  Live Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.
- Bohemian Rhapsody Live  1lp Pic Disc  Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 24th December 1975.

Updated bootlegs June 2016

-Barcelona 1986  2cd  Live at Mini Estadi de FC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 1st August 1986  Wardour 192
-Berlin 1986  2cd  Live at Walbuhne, Berlin, Germany 26th June 1986  Wardour 191
Q+AL Rock In Rio Lisboa 2016 1blu-ray R Live in Portugal May 20, 2016. HDTV Broadcast. Full show.
Also available in other titles & labels. Downloads as well.

Updated bootlegs May 2016

-Vienna 1982 4cd (Wardour 187) Vienna Austria, May 12th. & 13th. 1982. Audience rec.
- Frankfurt 1982
  2cd (Wardour 188)  Frankfurt, Germany  April 28th. 1982. Audience rec.
- King Of The Impossible  2cdr (not on label) Re-release/ pirate of
original 'Uxbridge' release from 2011.
- Hottest Leeds  2cdr  (not on label) Re-release/ pirate of
original 'Uxbridge' release from 2010.

Updated bootlegs April 2016
A new European QUEEN 2LP vinyl bootleg has just seen daylight. The title is 'Boston Music Hall 1976'.
Available in 3 versions. Black & color vinyl as well. Various picture on cover also made out. Total 145 copies made.
- Boston Music Hall 1976  2lp  (TBP 028/ 029) Boston January 30th. 1976.
If you want to buy this vinyl album, send me a mail to: e-har-la@...   (, and I can put you in contact. But, remember this album is only for interested to 'blood' fans & collectors.

Updated bootlegs March 2016

- The First Of Five Shows  2cd  (Tarantura)  Bodokan Hall, Tokyo  Feb. 12th. 1981
- Stockholm 1986  2cd  (Wardour 180) Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm Sweden, June 7th. 1986.
- Vienna 1984 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour 179)  Stadthalle, Vienna Austria, Sept. 29th. 1984.

Updated bootlegs February 2016

- Empire Strikes Live  3cdr  (Breakdown 642A/B) Live Liverpool Nov. 14th & 15th 1975.   
- Rock Budokan 1981 2cd (Shakuntala label) Bodokan Hall Feb. 12th. 1981.

Update bootlegs January 20th. 2016

- Let Me Entertain USA  3cdr  (Breakdown) Live USA 78. 2 gigs.
- First Night At The Judo Arena 2cdr  (Breakdown) Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo April 19th. 1975.

Update bootlegs October  2015
Definitive Montreal 1978 2cd  (Wardour) Montreal, Canada Dec. 1st, 1978.
Q+AL  Rock In Rio Brazil 2015  Blu-ray-R  Live at City of Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sept. 18th. 2015 Pro-shot.
Sun City (GREX 008) 2cd with carton cover. Live Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa on October 19th, 1984.

Update bootleg news August 2015

Knebworth 1986  (Wardour-153) is a 2cd + dvd from Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK on August 9th, 1986.
The Last Tour In Japan
 (Wardour-152) is a 6cd set that features three shows (two audience and one soundboard source) from the 1985 Japanese Tour.

QUEEN + Adam Lamber did some gigs in South America in September 2015.
  1. 2015-09-16 Ginásio do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. 2015-09-18 Rock in Rio Brazil 2015, City of Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Television broadcasted
  3. 2015-09-21 Gigantinho, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  4. 2015-09-25 Estadio GEBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  5. 2015-09-27 Orfeo Superdomo, Córdoba, Argentina
  6. 2015-09-30 Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, Santiago, Chile
There is a handful of DVD & Blu-ray bootleg disc's from this band available. I need some time to collect all info.
Update bootleg news July 2015

 Second Night At Wembley 1984  2cdr  (Breakdown)  London Sept. 5th. 1984 (audience rec)
The Magic Tour 1986  2cdr  (WR 755) Live at The Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany, June 21, 1986

Uptate bootleg news April 2015

Complete Sun City  2cd  (Wardour 147) Live Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa on October 19th, 1984.

Uptate bootleg news March 2015

Glasgow 1973 1cd  (Wardour 145) Live At Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 23rd November 1973
Sheffield 1974 1cd  (Wardour 146) Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 5th November 1974
- Ain't Gonna Play Sun City  2cdr  (Digital Queen Archive) Live Sun City, Bowl, Bophuthatswana, South Africa Oct.19th. 1984
Q+AL- Definitive Berlin 2015  2cd  (Wardour 144)  Live Berlin Feb 4th. 2015 (Audience)

Q+AL- Munich 2015  2cdr  (-not on label-) Munich, Germany Feb. 2nd. 2015
Q+AL - Summer Sonic 2014  2cdr  (New Tattoo 584) Live in Chiba August 17th 2014

Uptate bootleg news February 2015

- Billiken  2cd Live Osaka March 29th. First show. + Tokyo April 4th. 1976
- Sheffield Live Attack  2cdr  (Breakdown) Sheffield, UK Nov. 5th. 1974
Q+AL - London 2015 2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour)  O2 Arena, London  Januar 18th. 2015
Q+AL - Glascow 2015  2cdr (non label)  Glasgow 2015
Q+AL - Leeds 2015  2cdr  (non label)  Leeds 2015

QUEEN + Adam Lamber tour in USA, Canada & fare east inc. Australia
in 2014.
A handfull pro-bootlegs have seen daylight. cd's & dvd's. For the most on recordable cd's, but Japanese label
'Wardour' have but out some on silver pressed disc's. More info will following.
QUEEN + Adam Lambert played several gigs in UK & Europe in Jan & Feb 2015.
I will inform you on this page about new pro-bootlegs releasing.
Japanese DVDR label has relased a DVDR from most of the dates on the UK & Europe tour.
All private audience recordings. It will take a bit time for me to work out the list.

Update bootleg news January 2015

Q+AL  Rocks Glasgow 2015  2cdr (Breakdown) Live in Glasgow,Scotland January 14th. 2015.
Q+AL - Rock Big Ben Live  1cd & 1dvd  (Wardour) Live London New Year Eve 2014. From live BBC television.

Q+AL - Crazy Ocean 
2cdr  Live At Maishima, Osaka August 16th 2014
Q+AL - Killer Marine  2cdr  Live At QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan August 17th 2014
Q+AL - Rock Big Ben  1Bluray-r 
Live at Westminster Central Hall, London, UK on 31 December, 2014 - 1 January, 2015 + bonus. PRO-SHOT
Q+AL - Ones In This Lifetime  2cdr Complete live Chiba, Japan, August 17, 2014.
Q+AL - Sundown Osaka  2cdr  Complete Recorded Live at Maishima Open Air Festival Site, Osaka, Japan, August 16, 2014 + bonus.
Q+AL - Supersonic Festival 2014 
2cdr  Live At Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, South Korea August 14th 2014.

There are three hadfull of DVDR from Q+AL tours, but need a bit time to sort it out.

Update bootleg news December 2014.
Queen - Tsumagio 1975  2cd (Shakuntala 17/18) Live Japan April 29th. 1975.

September News


Queen + Adam Lambert - Supersonic Festival 2014 (Wardour-128) is a 2cd set from the Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, South Korea on August 14th, 2014.
 Seibu Stadion 1982 -Uncirculated Master- 2cdr (non label). 
Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
The Freddie Mercury Tribute  2dvd 
Original Japanese Broadcast 1992 is a double DVD featuring the Concert For AIDS Awareness Wembley 92.
Queen + Adam Lambert - Summer Sonic 2014 Osaka  2cd  (Wardour) Live Osaka, Japan  August 16th. 2014.
Queen + Adam Lambert - MSG 2014 2cdr (non label)  Madison Square Garden, NY, USA July 17th. 2014.
Queen + Adam Lambert - Uncasville 2014  2cdr  Live in Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA 19th July 2014

July News
A handful new bootlegs has seen daylight since last update.

Queen + Adam Lambert - Calgary 2014  2cd  (Wardour 125)  Live Calgary, Canada June 26th 2014.
Queen + Adam Lambert - Rocks From Canada to Texas  4cdr  (Breakdown)  Live in Calgary, AB, Canada June 26th., & American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX July 10th 2014.
- Rainbow 1974 'Tree New Sources' 2cdr  Rainbow March 31st & Nov 20th 1974.
Queen + Adam Lambert - Edmonton 2014  2cd (Wardour 124) Live At Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada June 24th 2014.
Queen + Adam Lambert - Live Forever 2014 2cdr &1dvdr. Live At Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada June 24th 2014, dvdr TV broadcast 2013 & 2014.

April news
A handful of VINYL albums has been released. I have listed info. Also a pro-cdr release from Breakdown label in Japan, with Brian May & Kerry Ellis has been released.

- Ultra Rare Tracks Vol I  1LP    
- Ultra Rare Tracks Vol II  1LP   
- Ultra Rare Tracks Vol III  1LP  
- Demos From Outta Space 
1LP Various out-takes. All well known by now. 
- Mannheim 
1LP  Mannheim June 21st. 1986 (First part of show) FM broadcast. 
- Mannheim  1LP Mannheim June 21st. 1986 (Second part of show) FM broadcast. 
- Brian May & Kerry Ellis Live For The Anniversary  (Breakdown 556) 2cdr. Live at St. George's Square, Valletta, Malta  April 5th. 2014. Audience recording.

January 2014 News
Wardour label from Japan has released 2 silver pressed 2 cd titles this week. Some 'no label' cdr has been released from Japan.
- Magic In Belgium (Wardour-117) is a 2CD set from the Forest National in Brussels, Belgium on June 17th, 1986. First time on silver bootleg.
Buenos Aires 1981: Definitive Edition (Wardour-116) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 28th, 1981. This is being labeled an upgrade over Gypsy Eye’s First Major Rock.
- Brussels Magic (no label) 2cdr. Live at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium  June 17th. 1986. Might be from the same tape source as previously 'Uxbridge' 2011 release.
Definitive Tokyo Final 1985 (no label) 2cdr  Tokyo May 11th. 1985. 

November News

- Manchester Night At The Opera  2cdr  (Breakdown)  Live Manchester Nov. 26th. 1975.

September news
Wardour label has released a 2cd from Zurich 1982. From Hot Space European tour. Same title as previously released 3 lp vinyl release back in the early eighties. 
Also previously released on 2cd, with same source as vinyl 3lp. I can not confirm if this is a new source, or from previously released bootlegs. But there is a new complete tape source of the 
show circulated around, so it's likely Wardour has use this new tape on this release. Otherwise, it's no point to release this 2cd.
Northern Disc DVD-R label has released a dvd-r of the Queen + Adam Lambert set from Las Vegas Sept. 20th. The iHeart show. + some more stuff included.

- Long Life To The Queen   2cd. Wardour release. Live at Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland on April 16th, 1982.
QUEEN + Adam Lambert   iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013  1DVD-R  (Northern Disc ND 4170) Live MGM Grand Garden Arena,Las Vegas,NV September 20 2013 + MORE (PRO SHOT 56 min.)

August bootleg news.
Not so much bootleg news so far this month.
One 4DVD (silver pressed) on Master Stroke label. Actually a collection of 4 DVD, which has been previously released on same label separately.
I'm not sure the release month of the vinyl album 'A Ladder To The Stars'. But as far as I know, it's from this year 2013.

Four Phases  Live In The 70'S  4Real Silver DVD  Mastes Stroke Presents DVD Collector's Limited Edition. Master Stroke.FFMS-DVD
-A Ladder To The Stars  1LP color vinyl. BBC sessions 74 & 77. Well known sessions.

July bootleg news (Note: some titles are older releasing, but I got info now).
The great Japanese label Tarantura has released a new QUEEN title called 'Moet & Chandon Breakfast' 2cd, contains the Nagoya show on March 23rd. 1976. 
Tarantura has also re-released their first Queen release 'Young Nobles Of Rock' 2cd. This is the 3rd. release of this 2cd. (The 2nd, re-release). 

- Moet & Chandon Breakfast  2cd (Tarantura) Aichi-Ken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan  March 23rd 1976.
- Young Nobles Of Rock  2cd (Tarantura) 3rd release. Tokyo May 1st. 1975.
- In The Mirror 'The Lost BBC Session' 1cd  BBC session 73, 74 & 77. Russia production I think.
- In The Mirror Again  1cd  Golders Green Hippodrome Sept. 1973. BBC recording. Russia production I think.
- Last Concert In Japan  2LP  Osaka, Japan May 15th. 1985.
- Budapest 1986 Complete: Raw Master Edition  2cdr + Ltd Bonus 1dvdr "Live In Budapest Complete") Live at Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary 27th July 1986 SBD (upgrade) Uxbridge 491
 + Queen - Live In Budapest Complete (Bonus dvdr) Live at Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary 27th July 1986 PRO-SHOT(16 MULTI-CAM EDITION)

June bootleg news
I have received info about some bootlegs which has been unknown for me. Does anyone have the following titles for sale/ trade. I'm only interested in original versions.
  - You'll Gonna Like It !  1cd  Haag, Holland Dec. 9th 1974. (released Dec. 2012)

Bootleg news 
- Dedicated To Great Tits, Great Ass  2cd  (Tarantura) Nippon Budokan Dai- Hall, Tokyo, Japan  Monday 23rd April 1979. Recorded by Mr. Peach
On The Green  1 LP & 1cd  3 color vinyl versions. Golders Green Hippodrome, London UK   Sept. 13th 1973. BBC recordings.
- Elegance Is An Attitude  2cd (Wardour-112) is a  set from Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan on March 23rd, 1976.
- In The Mirror Again 1LP  Golders Green Hippodrome, London UK   Sept. 13th 1973. BBC recordings.
- You'll Gonna Like It !  1cd  Haag, Holland Dec. 9th 1974. (released Dec. 2012)
- Come To The Fight  2LP  This looks to be an old vinyl, but I haven't much information. Can someone tell me info?

May news
Hello all. I'm sorry for long delay in info, but there haven't been so much before now.
I was at this years UK Fan club convention in Great Yarmouth in April. My 21st. UK convention. A great time as always.
There is a handful cd bootlegs from Mexico which I haven't listed. I will collect the info, but nothing special to mention. All shows/ tracks well known.
 Need a bit time to collect all the info.
A vinyl or 2 has also seen daylight. BBC session etc. I'll come back with details, but again all tracks known.

I spoke with Queen archivist Greg Brooks at the convention. He also had a session there. He play for us some live footages from Queen live in Paris & Japan 1979. Really nice ones.
There are on the agenda planed a DVD box of the 'Live Killers' tour in 79. But have in mind that there is NO releasing date or which 'form' this will be in (box set with 2, 3 DVD's, cd's ? etc). The work is also a bit on and off, so it's unnecessary to nag Queen production about this. There are film from Paris & Tokyo gigs, a few others to, but again it will take a bit time. They work on it to collect the best takes etc... It's NOT on the 'releasing list' yet.

On the 'releasing list' is Rainbow 74 gigs. Queen production have all 3 Rainbow gigs on multitrack tapes. The gigs are March 31st. and November 19th. & 20th. 1974.
Greg told us, it's really nice recordings, and they also work on the films from Nov shows. I understood that both Nov show was filmed in full, so this is really great news.
The March show also has a track which surprise him a bit, he didn't know they did it at this time.

So Queen's next live release seams to be the Rainbow 74 shows. We have to wait to see which form it will be in, but I hope we will have at least March show on cd's, and Nov on cd's and DVD. This would have been a nice Christmas gift for many of us blood fans. The March show had only 2 track filmed. Well, they still search for the rest, but I don't know any more available of this, but if you know, let me know, and I send info further away.
The releasing time for Rainbow live release is later this year. Before Christmas I think, if I understood Mr. Brooks correct. But again, things might turned up, and delay can happen. We know all about this.
Sorry again for delay in updating, but I have problems to find time.....

Definitive Denmark News (Wardour-109) 2CD Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark April 13th, 1978. This is being listed as an upgrade to Denmark News (Wardour-048) released a few years ago.
- The Lost BBC Session  4LP, 3cd & DVD  BBC session 73, 74, 77, Golders Green 73, Rainbow March & Nov. 74. Will be out in June.
+ BONUS TRACKS: Rainbow Theatre, London, England, November 19, 1974 INCLUDING 8 PAGE BOOKLET. Released in JUNE. 

- Majestic Wintertime  2CD  (G.R. 861/862) contains the Cologne, Germany show from December 6th, 1974 on disc one and The Hague, Holland show from December 8th, 1974 on disc two. This also has a few bonus tracks from November 19th, 1974 at the Rainbow Theatre and comes with an 8 page booklet.
- In The Mirror (The Lost BBC  Sessions)  2LP  BBC sessions 73, 74 & 77.

November/ December news

- From The BBC To Tokyo  1cdr  (WR 194)  BBC session 73 & 77 + live Tokyo 75 (I guess fake).
- Finale / Last Show Japan Tour 1981 2cd  (Tarantura TCDQ -10-1, 2)  Bodokan Hall, Tokyo Japan  February 18th. 1981
- Rock You Gymnasium 2cdr  (Breakdown) Live At Yamaguchi Prefectural Athletic Association, Yamaguchi, Japan May 2nd 1979

October news

- A Night At Boston 'Definitive  Edition' 2cd  (Wardour 103) Boston 76. 2nd release of this show from Wardour label. Claimed to be an upgrade, but I'm in doubt if this is much better than first edition..
- The Miracle Sessions  2cdr  (Wet Dreams Rec.) Various demos, out-takes etc. All tracks well known, but looks like a nice collection.

September news

-Buenos Aires 1981  2cdr  Live in Buenos Aires Feb. 28th. 1981.
- Make a Night To Remember  2cdr (Breakdown) Live Dundee, Scotland 1975. 

August bootleg news 

-Manchester Magic  4cd Live at Maine Road, Manchester, UK 16th July 1986. 2 Different Sources. (Wardour 102)
Queen + Adam Lambert - Still Rock In Hammersmith  2cd Live at HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 14th July 2012  (Wardour 101)
-Definitive Mannheim 2cd (Wardour 100) Mannheim, Germany 1986 FM radio broadcast.
-BBC 1975 Young Jockey Edition  1cdr Live At Hammersmith , Odeon, London, UK 24th December 1975, Broadcast Date: 10th October 1975.

June/ July bootleg news

- Au Poil 2cd (Godfather records 764/ 765) Frejus, France, Amphitheatre, July 30, 1986.
- Frejus Magic  2cd  (Wardour 099)  Frejus, France  30th July 1986.
- Loveing Swiss Tonight  2cdr  (Breakdown)  Live At Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland November 23rd 1980
- In Hama  2cd  (Tarantura TCDQ-9-1, 2) documents the April 30th, 1975 show in Yokohama from an uncirculated Mr. Peach recording.

May bootleg news

- Rare Cuts Vol. 6  1cd  Contains rarities from 1989 through 1995. Master Stroke (FFMS-010).

April bootleg news

- Complete Show From Zurich  2cdr (Breakdown)  Zurich 1982.
- An Exceptional Legacy 2cd (Wardour 097)  Live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo Japan  May 1st. 1975.
- Down Under Pressure  2cdr  Melbourne, Australia  April 19th. 1985. (Breakdown 504)

March bootleg news


- More Complete Cologne 1979   (2CDR) Live at Sportshall, Cologne, Germany 1st February 1979  Uxbridge 436
- Rare Cuts Vol.5  1cd  Rare rack from 84 - 91.Master Stroke (FFMS-009). (No big tracks news really).
- Wembley Stadium 1986  4cd   Wembley Stadium, London, UK 11th & 12th July 1986, Taken from The Original Audience Recording Master Cassettes. Wardour-096.
-Rare Cuts Vol,4  1cd   Rare tracks 1982-1986 - Digitally Remastered by Master Stroke 2012 (FFMS-008) 
-Love For An Hour Is Love Forever   (Godfather records)  6CD BOX  The Last Royal North American Visit SOURCE: EXCELLENT AUDIENCE RECORDINGS / BOXSET FEATURING 6 CD’s with 3 concerts 
for the 1st time on cd: -Montreal, The Forum, Canada, July 21, 1982 -Boston, MA, Boston Garden, July 23, 1982 -New York, NY, MSG, July 28, 1982  
Plus live & studio rare bonus tracks. Including 12 page booklet . US tour book replica .4 collectable stickers . Pin 4 stickers.

-More Complete Toronto 1978   2cdr (Uxbridge 435)  Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada 3rd December 1978.  

February 2012 bootleg news

 - Live Rhapsody  4Real Silver DVD Long Box. Limited Edition 400 Copies. DVD1: At The Summit, Houston, Texas, December 11, 1977, DVD2: At The Earl's Court, London, Uk, June 7, 1977, 
DVD3: At The Rainbow Theatre, November 20, 1974 &
DVD4: Introduction I Was Born To Love You Video Milestones Japan 1975.  Wonderland Records Group. WLR-2170.
- Killers In Toronto  2cdr  (Breakdown label)  Live At Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Canada December 3rd 1978.

The first Queen bootleg in 2012 was out on dealers list on January 5th.

-Play The Silent Night  2cd & 1dvdMaster Stroke (FFMS-007A/B/C) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London UK Dec 26th. 1979.


Vallecano Rock In Madrid  2cdr  Live At Ray Vallecano Stadium, Madrid, Spain August 3rd 1986.  BreakDown -487A/B
Rare Cuts Vol. 3  1cd  continues the series of unreleased outtakes and other rarities.  This volume covers material from 1977 to 1982.
North Calling  2 cdr. Live At Hokkaido Industrial Hall, Sapporo, Japan 29th October 1982.
Swedish Grace Show 2cdr  Live At Johanneshov, Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden April 12th 1978. BreakDown - 486A/B


Hi all, one new silver pressed 2c on Japanese Tarantura label has seen daylight so far in October.

-Need Your Loving Tonight 2cd on Tarantura label, documents the February 13th, 1981 show from the Budokan in Tokyo. More info later. 

A handful new titles saw daylight last month.
- Carnival At The Court (FFMS-005A/B/C). 2cd & 1dvd. This covers the June 6th & June 7th, 1977 Earl’s Court extravaganza.  The audio is on 2CDs and the video on one silver DVD.  
All of this has been out before but it’s nice to have it in one collection.
Tenement Funster 1cdr Multi track mix. 
One Vision 1cdr Multi track mix.
Modern Times Rock'n Roll  1cd. Upmisto Theatre, Milwaukee, USA, March 7, 1975

AUGUST 2001 release.

Not many pro-Queen bootleg have seen daylight this summer.
On Aug. 30th. the Japanese 'silver' pressed CD label Wardour announced a new Queen cd.
-Mulitracks Mixes 2cd (Wardour-089) contains various unreleased tracks.
The Japanese CDR label Breakdown has released a 2cdr this month.

-Providence Killers  2cdr  (Breakdown)  Live in Providence, USA 80. Missing end tracks.
The other more interested release is a silver DVD with the NEW BBC documentary, which was broadcasted recently on television in various countries.

-Days Of Our Lives BBC Documentary (Apocalypse Sound AS 203) DVD. Both program part 1 & 2 on one DVD.
This TV program are now OFFICIALLY released in full with BONUS tracks, so you don't need to run for this bootleg DVD. You can find the officially DVD in proper music stores.

June releasing.
A little handful of pro-bootlegs with Queen has seen daylight this June month. All from Japanese labels, as far as I know. 
The most interested one is a new one from the great Tarantura label. This time a un-released concert. Again from Mr. Peach's collection, and as always on silver pressed cd's and fold-out carton cover.
Rare Cuts Vol. 2 has also seen daylights. Also this is on silver pressed cd. Not the most interested release, do to the facts that most of the tracks are collected from officially albums or similar releasing.

Get Your Knickers Off  2CD   Tarantura
- Rare Cuts Vol. 2  1CD  Various tracks from other albums/cd's. More like a pirate cd.
- Rock You In The Garden 2CDR  (Breakdown) Live MSG, New York December 1st. 1977.
- Multi Track Sampler  1CDR (-no label  named)  'Rock You' & 'Champions'.

May releasing.
Not so much Queen pro-bootlegs has been released in May. Only one title has seen daylight.

-FIRST YOKOHAMA NIGHT 1Single CDR Live At Bunka Thicken, Yokohama, Japan 30th April 1975.

April releasing.

A new Japanese label FFMS, has released 3 titles on silver cd & dvd's.
- RARE CUTS VOL. 1  1CD. (FFMS 01) Various studio tracks. You'll find the info in my page. 
- COMPLETE LIVE AT THE RAINBOW  1CD & 1DVD. (FFMS 02). Rainbow March 31st. 74, London 73 & Rainbow Nov. 74 (DVD).
- INVITE YOU TO A CHRISTMAS NIGHT  1CD & 1DVD (FFMS 03). Hammersmith Dec. 24th. 1975.
- LAST STAND AT BODOKAN  2 single CDR. Live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo May 9th. 1985. (-no label info-)
There is some more, but need time to make the info.

March releasing.

Japanese label 'Wardour' has just released 2 titles on 'silver' pressed cd's.
- AT PALACE 1CD, (Wardour-086) is  a one CD title with the Dan Lampinski tape from the Palace Theater in Providence on April 27th, 1974.
This is a very good recording from Queen’s first US tour when they supported Mott The Hoople.  It surfaced last month along with the Hoople’s set.

- BBC SESSIONS 1973-1977 1CD (Wardour-087) is a one disc title with sessions 2, 4, 5 & 6 from master sources (probably surfacing
 because of the new edition of Queen’s catalogue this year with bonus tracks).

February releasing.

Japanese silver CD label Tarantura has released a CD called:
- TEO TORRIATTE 2CD (Tarantura) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan February 17th 1981.

new pro-cdr from the nice Japanese label Uxbridge has seen daylight in week 8.
RIGHT, THIS IS FOR YOU 2CDR /1DVDR (Uxbridge) Brussels 21st. Sept. 1984. DVDR is from Vienna 29th. Sept. 1984.
KING OF IMPOSSIBLE 2CDR  (Uxbridge) Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 13th February 1981

FIRST TOKYO TAPES 2single CDR (no label) Live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo Japan, April 19th. 1075. The FIRST concert in Japan.
Japanese CDR label Breakdown has just released 3 new titles.
- BONSOIR MAGIC IN FREJUS 2CDR. (Breakdown). Live France 1986.
QUEEN & MOTT THE HOOPLE JUST HOOPLE'N'QUEEN 2CDR (Breakdown) Live At Palace Theatre, Providence, RI April 27th 1974.
THE CROSS/ THE CROSS PLAYS QUEEN 2CD (Breakdown) Live at Astoria Theatre, London Dec. 7th 1990, & Dusseldorf Germany Oct. 22nd 1991. SB rec.

January 2011releasing.

  Hi all, sorry for delay in info. I have some problem here at home, a bit difficult time right now. But, I'll work it out.
Last year I also hade to chance work, do to a close down at a part of my work place.
Now I don't make so much money, and have to wait for a while in collecting. I also have to drop this years UK fanclub convention.
I have been at 20 UK conventions, so it's a bit sad, but hopefully next year.....

 In January there has been 4 new titles out on the pro-bootleg marked. One European 'Godfather records' silver release. The 3 other titles are Japanese pro-cdr releasing.
(UXBRIDGE). Live at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 17th June 1986. Looks like complete show.
- FINEST HOUR  6CDR. (UXBRIDGE). Live at NEC, Birmingham, England. Aug. 31st., Sept. 1st. & 2nd. Included soundcheck from the last evening.
- PERFUME CAME NATURALLY FROM WEMBLEY. 2CD. (GODFATHER). Live at Wembley Arena, London Dec, 8th. 1980.
- FLASH BODOKAN ATTACK 2CDR. (BREAKDOWN). Live at Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  February 13th. 1981.

- - - - - - - - - - December 2010 NEWS - - - - - - - - -

Hi all, Hope you all have a nice Christmas time and the best for the New Year to you all.
Not so much happen on the QUEEN pro-bootleg marked. One NEW release is on the way. Next Monday will there be a new
2CD from Japanese label TARANURA
with the title: 
BOOTLEG RACE 2CD, Live at Budokan Dai Hall, Tokyo, Japan Saturday April 14th 1979 Mr.Peach Recording.(Ltd.Cardboard Gatefold Sleeve).
You can listen on one track 'We Are The Champions' on this YOUTUBE soundfile: '
We Are The Champ..'.

Japanese Breakdown cdr label has released a pro-cdr bootleg called
FLASH TO THE SHOW  2CDR, from the Essen show on Nov. 29th. 1980.
Tarantura will issue Queen
PRINCESS ROAD 2CD  (TQCD-4-1, 2) featuring a Mr. Peach recording of the March 24th, 1976 show at the Shiritsu Kohseinenkin-Kaikan, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan.  
The quality is expected to be excellent audience recording. 

----------------- September bootleg NEWS ---------------
4 new Japanese pro-cdr titles has seen daylight this month, so far.
MEXICAN GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT  2CDR  Breakdown  Live Mexico October 17th. 1981. The first days show of two days.
BBC SESSIONS Master Reel Versions   Single CDR. BBC sessions 74 (2 sessions) & 77.
HOTTEST LEEDS  2CDR  (Uxbridge)  Leeds, UK May 29th. 1982.
MAGIC IRISH CASTLE  2CDR/ 1DVDR  Dublin July 5th. 1986.


------------------------ July release ----------------
Japanese 'deluxe' label Tarantura has released a 2cd called
A Night At Q-Den, featuring the March 26th 1976 show at Kyudenkinen-Taiikukan in Fukuoka, Japan.
Claimed to be from un-heard new tape source. You can heard a clip on youtube.

------------------- June release ----------------

Japanese label Gypsy Eye Project has released a cdr bootleg with the title 
Soundboard Live At Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo , Brazil March 20th 1981.
Japanese label Wardour has just released a new silver 2CD Queen bootleg called:

Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 28th April 1979.
This release claim to be  from a new tape that is said to be better than the one used on Mr. Fahrenheit (Wardour-060).

One more bootleg of the Boston Jan. 30th. 1976 has been released. This time a CDR production from HSD label. Don't know so much of this label.
RHAPSODY IN BOSTON  (2CDR)  Live At Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA January 30th 1976.
The Japanese CDR label Uxbridge, has again released 2 Queen bootlegs. Well, one is a Brian May one. Both is audience recordings.

SWEDISH MAGIC NIGHT Uxbridge    (4CDR)  Live at Rasunda Fotbollstadion, Stockholm , Sweden 7th June 1986. 2 tape sources.
BRIAN MAY / ROCK YOU TO THE LIGHT Uxbridge   (2CDR)   Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo , Japan 4th November 1993

------------------- May release ----------------

The Japanese CDR label Uxbridge has released 2 Queen titles this week.
OPERATIC RHAPSODY  2CDR  Live at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nagoya, Japan 23rd March 1976.
GOT THE POWER  2CDR  Live at Hokkaido Industrial Hall, Sapporo, Japan 29th October 1982

-------------------------- April release---------------------
The European label 'Godfather', has announced their latest QUEEN cd (silver pressed) release called SUN CITY BOYS. (GR 501)
This 1CD contains the soundboard fragment from the Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana show in South Africa on October 19th, 1984.
-------------------------- pre April release---------------------
GOD KNOWS WHAT I'M DOING  2CD   The Godfather records G.R. 492/493  Live Boston Jan 30th. 1976. 
EUROPEAN NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR    Breakdown  (2CDR) Live At Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden may 10th 1977
Live At The Form, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA march 3rd 1977 (part of)
BREATHTAKING BEAUTY (1CD+Limited Bonus CDR "Multitracks Sampler")?Live at Boston Garden , Boston , MA . USA 9th February 1977
Killer Queen  (master sampler, separate mix), Bohemian Rhapsody (master sampler, separate mix), Brighton Rock (master sampler, separate mix), Get Down, Make Love (master sampler, separate mix) Wardour-078
MEDIEVAL QUEEN  Live at Hippodrome, Bristol , UK 23rd May 1977   Uxbridge (2CDR)

Jan/ Feb/ March 2010
Today, January 22, a Japanese release, unsure label has been offered for sale.
- EVENING FALLS  (2CDR)  Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 29th March 1976 Evening Show (audience recording)
New release on 20 January comes from Japanese label UXBRIDGE. (audience recordings)
(2CDR) Uxbridge 191   Live at Coliseum Arena, Oakland, USA 16th December 1978 
(2CDR)  Uxbridge 192  
  Live at Deutchlandhalle, Berlin, Germany 30th November 1980

The first Queen bootleg released in 2010, seams to a
WARDOUR release, called VIENNA MAGIC (Wardour-076).
This  is a four disc set with the two Vienna 1986 shows and a dvd containing footage as well.  A rare Magic Tour silver bootleg.

The last release in 2009 was a BREAKDOWN one, called IS THIS THE WORLD LIFE (2cdr). This is the complete Stuttgart Sept. 24th. 1984 show.
More info later. Haven't got it.


The European label "The Swingin' Pig', has released a 2LP vinyl bootleg titled: TOP FAX PIX and INFO. Recorded live from Earls Court, London June 6th. 1977. This is the 2nd. vinyl bootleg title with QUEEN from this label. Released in 5 different color vinyl versions.
RED, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE & GREEN. Each in 500 copies. Total 2500 albums. All with fold-out color cover. 


Japanese label UXBRIDGE has released some bootlegs lately:
Captain Berlin (2CDR) Uxbridge 157  Live in Berlin, Germany Jan. 24th. 1979.
Best Chat (2CDR) Uxbridge 156. Live in Vienna, Austria  May 13th. 1982.
 All That Jazz  (4CDR) Uxbridge 153  Two gigs at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 16th & 17th November 1978.

Sun City (1CDR) (un-sure label) Live at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa 19th October 1984 STEREO SBD. Same as 'Gypsy Eye' release.
I Haven't got more info about thisone.

The Japanese label GYPSY EYE PROJECT has announced a
1CDR release.
Live At Super Bowl '84   Live at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa October 19th 1984
01. Machines Intro/02. Tear It Up/03. Tie Your Mother Down/04. Under Pressure/05. Somebody To Love/06. Piano Improvisation: The March Of The Black Queen / My Fairy King/Medley:07. Killer Queen/08. Seven Seas Of Rhye/09. Keep Yourself Alive/10. Liar/11. Improvisation/12. It's A Hard Life/13. Dragon Attack/14. Now I'm Here (cut)/15. I Want To Break Free/16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (snippets)/17. Interview to Brian + Roger about Sun City 1984 (Irish radio 1986)
Information I have received, is that this is a PRO-SOUNDBOARD recording.

Queen Dynasty (2CD) Wardour-073 contains the Stuttgart show on September 27th, 1984
This recording included full show, which so far hasn't been out on pro-bootlegs. The earlier 3lp/2cd is in-complete.


Breakdown label has released. or rather re-released Queen's concert from Frankfurt on 28th. April 82 Title is Hot Frankfurt Space 2CDR.
Japanese label
Uxbridge has on Sept. 30th. released Queen To Behave Perfectly 2CDR Uxbridge 142  Live at Pavilion de Paris, Paris, France 23rd April 1978. Seams to be an upgraded version.
On 19 Sept, Japanese label Gypsy Eye Project announced a new Brian May bootleg, The Dark In The Light 1CDR. This is a bit more complete version of the fm-broadcasted LA gig on April 6th. 1993.
On Sept. 16 Japanese cdr label
Uxbridge announced 2 more Queen titles, Fatal Attraction 2CDR (Live at Okayama-Ken Taiikukan, Okayama, Japan 28th April 1975) & Play Flash Game 2CDR Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th February 1981.
On Sept. 11th., Japanese label
Breakdown has announced a new Queen 2cdr release called 'A Day At Ahoy Hall' 2CDR.
Last week a new
pro-cdr has been released in Japan, QUEEN Best Cologne 1974. It's say's 1CDR, but not sure label. Mare later.
The Japanese
pro-cdr label Uxbridge has released a 3CDR called Køln Open Air 86, with Queen & Marillion gigs in Køln/ Cologne 1986. 30 numbered copies. Already SOLD OUT!!
On Aug. 11th. the Japanese CDR label Uxbridge, has announced a new Queen release called 'Perfect Game' 2CDR. This time a show from  Civic Center, Hartford, CT. USA 20th August 1980.

On July 27, I got info that the Japanese label Wardour announced a 2CD release, titled 'A Day At Seattle'. Live March 13th. 77. I'm sure this is the same source as the Breakdown release.
On July 25th. Japanese label
Breakdown released a 1CDR with title 'Queenzone'. Live from Bradford 6 Nov. 1974.  
On July 22nd. Japanese label
Uxbridge released a 2CDR with title 'Rhapsody In White'. This is the afternoon show from Manchester, UK on Nov. 26th. 1975. It's told to be a great sound.
On 15th. July, I got info that Japanese label
Wardour has released a 2CD called "A Night At Boston". This is the new tape source of Queen in Boston, USA on January 30th. 1976.
On July 11th., a Japanese label released a Brian May
2CDR called 'St. Paul October 14. 1993'. It also included as a bonus a part of an old QUEEN show from Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA May 4, 1974
fair audience recording (low gen.)
On July 3rd., Japanese label
Breakdown released two new bootlegs. 'Boston Rhapsody' 2CDR, and 'A Day At The....Master Reel' 2CDR
The Boston show is a NEW concert out for first time Live Boston 1976. Has not even been around on the home marked. The Seattle 77 show is well known, but has never been released complete.
Japanese label
TARANTURA has released in June a 2CD from Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Feb 16th. 1981, called The Miracle Game. Ltd . cardboard sleeve. 

JUNE 2009


On 15th. July, I got info that Japanese label Wardour has released a 2CD called "A Night At Boston". This is the new tape source of Queen in Boston, USA on January 30th. 1976.
On July 11th., a Japanese label released a Brian May 2CDR called 'St. Paul October 14. 1993'. It also included as a bonus a part of an old QUEEN show from Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA May 4, 1974
fair audience recording (low gen.)
On July 3rd., Japanese label BREAKDOWN released two new bootlegs.
'Boston Rhapsody' 2CDR, and 'A Day At The....Master Reel' 2CDR. 
The Boston show is a NEW concert out for first time Live Boston 1976. Has not even been around on the home marked. The Seattle 77 show is well known, but has never been released complete.
Japanese label TARANTURA has released in June a
2CD from Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Feb 16th. 1981, called The Miracle Game. Ltd . cardboard sleeve. 
Japanese label BLUE.U has announced on May 27th. a Brian May
1CDR bootleg called: 'The Brian May Band featuring Cozy Powell and Neil Murray'
/Los Angeles April 6. 1993. Feat. the well known FM broadcast + bonus tracks (Brian May's 1984): Teddington Studios, Thames Television, Teddington, London, England, UK Spring, 1967.
CDR label Breakdown has the week 21, released a 2CDR of the first MSG show in New York, USA 1977. MSG First Show. Not sure which source they has used yet.

February 2009

So far in February, there hasn't been so much Queen bootlegs released.
One DVDR title: QUEEN + Paul Rodgers
1DVD-R  Live in Ukraine 2008 (se photo of cover over)  Dead Flowers DVD-053 148min. Pro-shot. This is one of many pro-DVDR titles of this show.

This show is also now released on
DVD (silver pressed), not sure from which country yet, with title: THE UKRAINE ROCKS LIVE 2008   DIGI pack. pro ntsc WOW 400. This might be the ultimate bootleg release of this show. Released on 'silver pressed' DVD,
DVD, and with digi-pack cover make it worth to buy it. Interested?

January 2009. 4 DVD-R has been released so far this month. 
- Rock In Rio : Lost Footages  
1DVDR   (V JAM)  Rio De Janeiro January 1995. Pro-shot.
- Christmas Rhapsody 
1DVDR (Dead Flowers DVD-050)  67min. Pro-shot Hammersmith Dec. 24th. 1975. With Bob Harris introduction.
- The Lost Rock In Rio (ND-1262)
1DVD-R.  Part of Jan. 11th, & 19th. 1985.
- Santiago Rocks 2008 (HAT 069)
  Santiago Nov. 11th. (From '..Dust' to end of show) Pro shot. TV.



5 new QUEEN titles has been released in the Christmas days. Titles are:
- Bohemian Rhapsody  Multi Track Master  (MTR 002)  
- Killer Queen  Multi Track Master  (MTR 003)  
- A Day At The Garden  NY, USA Feb 5th. 1977  (UXBRIDGE 047) 
- Action This Night  Boston, USA July 1982  (UXBRIDGE 048) 
 - Especially Milan   Live at Sportspalace, Milan, Italy 14th & 15th September 1984 (Wardour-062)


 Japanese pro-label Dead Flowers has announced a DVDR of complete Santiago Pro-filmed TV concert with Queen + Paul Rodgers 2008 tour.
Title is: Complete Santiago 2008 (pre-broadcast master) Info on DVD page.

Two more DVDR has been released. QUEEN / 8mm Film Collection (ND-1226/1227) 2 DVDR.



Japanese DVDR label Northern released on 8th. Dec. a dvdr bootleg called: Milano Rockin' (ND-1217) Datch Forum, Milano, Italy  September 28 2008
Again from a privat audience film. 

Japanese label 'Gypsy Eye Project' has released a 2cdr + 1dvdr of the Queen + Paul Rodgers South American tour.
Recording is from CHILE radio broadcast & television. More info later.
Title is
Japanese label Northern has released a
DVDR of Queen + Paul Rodgers, live from South America 2008.
Live Santiago, Chile & Buenos Aires, Argentina. Click here for track list etc.
cdr label 'Breakdown' has released a bootleg, of Queen + Paul Rodgers show at London O2 arena on Oct. 13th. 2008. {click on cover}


Two DVDR bootlegs have been released in Japan last week.
QUEEN + Paul Rodgers / Scrap Book 2008  (2DVDR)     (ND-1192/1193)  (AUD/ PRO shoots)

Part of the Argentina concert on Nov. 21st. was web broadcasted from the 'Cosmos Rocks Intro, to the end of 'Seagull'. This was the only part which was web broadcasted.
Not so good technical. Sound was in mono, if I don't take wrong. But ok to watch. 

Japanese label UXBRIDGE has today released a new pro-2cdr with
QUEEN + Paul Rodgers. Title is GOOD LUCK NEIL. Live in Cardiff on Oct. 14th.
Neil Murray plays bass on this night, and the following concert, do to a short (planed?) hospital visit to Danny Miranda.
The bands concert in CHILE on Nov. 19th. was
BROADCASTED LIVE by Chile radio. You can find mp3 downloads on QUEENZONE.COM
They did 'Las Palabras De Amor'. Sadly cuts in 'We Are The Champions' & 'God Save The Queen'.

On Nov. 13th., Japanese DVD-R label ND (I guess
NORTHERN) has released a audience filmed boot DVDR with QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS called: Las Palabras de Amor (ND-1189)
Live from Palacio de Deportes,Madrid,Spain October 25. On this show, the played the title track 'Las Palabras de Amor' right after 'A Kind Of Magic'. This was the first time they played this song live.
First time played with 'this group' live. (They rehearsal the song on some soundchecks before this show). 

Japanese pro-CDR label Uxbridge has also announced a new release. Thistime a Queen + Paul Rodger bootleg, live from O2 arena, London on Oct. 13th.
Only released in 30 copies. Title is: GOT THE O2 ROCKING (2CDR) (UXBRIDGE-031) 


Nov. 7th., One more date of the QUEEN + Paul Rodgers 2008 tour have been released, title is :BARCELONA ROCKIN' (2CDR+1DVDR)
Live At Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain October 22nd 2008

On Nov. 5th. Japanese
Uxbridge pro-cdr label, announce their latest Queen release is MEMORIAL GYM (6CDR) (Uxbridge 020). Yes, correct 6 cdr release.
I have listed tracks + info in the cd bootleg list. It's 2 Japanese dates, one date has 2 different tape source. 
Live at Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium, Fukuoka, Japan 30th April & 1st May 1979 GREAT SOUND

One more pro-cdr release of QUEEN + Paul Rodgers has been released today by the Japanese label Uxbridge. (Very active this label).
Title is:
EUROPEAN COSMOS  2CDR (Uxbridge 026) Live at TUI Arena, Hannover, Germany 4th October 2008

Wardour announce their next Queen release will be Prayers For The Races (2CD) (Wardour-059).
This documents the May 30th, 1977 show in Glasgow.  This is the same show Gypsy Eye released on A Day At The Apollo, but Wardour use a second generation tape to fill in the cuts in “Keep Yourself Alive,” “Jailhouse Rock” and “God Save The Queen.”

There has bee a handful
QUEEN + Paul Rodgers pro-bootleg releasing, from Japan the last week. 
Here is some titles.  DVD-R info isn't ready yet.

ROCKS AHOY '08  (Uxbridge 022) (2CDR)  Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland 8th October 2008 AMAZING SOUND Limited 30 copies Only
VELODROM RHAPSODY  (KSR)   (2CDR) Velodrom, Berlin, Germany, Sep. 21st. 2008
MANNHEIM 2008  (EOW)  (2CDR) 
Mannheim, Germany,  October 2nd. 2008
Uxbridge)  (CD-R)  Mannheim, Germany,  October 2nd. 2008


Monday October 27th. 2008.

Welcome to the Machine
On week 44, bootleg DVD from Sydney 1985 has found the way out to the marked. It's an audience recording, probably one hand camera, but will
come back with more info later.

On Oct. 23rd., a audience
On Oct. 12th. Japanese label JRM-154 released a new prnfo and promo ad.

From the last tour with Paul Rodgers, there has been 4 PRO-bootleg titles so far, + those mention over.
- Live in Moscoe (Northern Disc-1141)
(1DVDR) VIDEOSMASH  Ukraine broadcast
(2CDR) Ukraine broadcast

I will come back with photos and track lists later.

On Sept. 21st, Japanese label Gypsy Eye Project released the first pro-bootleg of the new tour.

This is the audio sound of the Ukraine live television broadcast concert on Sept. 12th.  More info later.

Today on Sept. 15th., European label 'Godfather' has released a one cd bootleg called SPACED OUT. This included the demos from 'Hot Space', 'The Miracle' & 'Innuendo' in improved sound quality.

Japanese label
Wardour has just released a new live bootleg 2cd called 
Listen To The Mad (Wardour-058) is a two disc set featuring the April 2nd, 1976 show at the Miyagi-ken Sports Center in Sendai, Japan.
 This is probably from the first generation transfer that surfaced several months ago.  Let’s hope that Wardour corrected the pitch since, according the great Queen Live site, it runs a semitone fast.

Queen + Paul Rodgers COSMOS tour 2008
The Queen + Paul Rodgers show in Kharkov, Ukraine on Sept. 12th., will be broadcasted live on Ukraine television. So normally we will get some bootleg DVD's out from the show.
BUT, NOTE !!!  There are rumours that this show might will be officially released on DVD, so wait a bit, and see on, if news about this will be announced. But again, I can NOT confirm the truth in this rumours. But since it's professional filmed, it might be a chance it will be released.
Than you can save your money, and get a hi-quality DVD instead. Hopefully WITH BONUS stuff included. All in all, it depended how the concert turned out, however a officially DVD will see daylight.

AUG 2008

There are released 2 pro-DVD-R bootlegs of Queen + Paul Rodgers 'Mandela concert' at Hyde Park on June 27th. 2008..
Both the DVD-R has included the Al Murray's Happy Hour, Live at ITV Studios, London, UK 1st April 2008.
But only one of the DVD-R included the Brian & Andrea Core performance of 'Is This The World We Created?', at he Mandela show.

JULY 2008

A new DVD-R has been released on June 17th. Title: Last Stage
It's an audience camera film from Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK August 9 1986. (Last concert w/Freddie).
+ bonus: News & E.P.K.
June 14 Hippodrome De Paris Soundcheck TV Report/June 21 Building Of The Stage at Mannheim/
June Germany News Clip (We Are The Champions)/July 09 Live In Newcastle TV Report/
July 12 Wembley Soundcheck TV Report/Magic E.P.K.

JUNE 2008
On May 26th. Japanese Wardour label has released, or rather re-released the wonderful Swedish STONED bootleg from 1977.

Queen Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse (Wardour-056) is a two disc set with Queen’s May 12th, 1977 show at Brøndby Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark.  
This looks like a good complete document from the A Day At The Races era and comes with a full sized replica of The Official International Queen Fan Club Biography. 
Another thing which has now seen daylight, is that some South American people has re-released some of the Japanese label BREAKDOWN
cdr titles. The same cover/sleeve has been (offset) re-printed identical as the Breakdown ones. It's actually 100% copy of original cover.
Even with Breakdown name. Nothing has been chanced.100% identical cover.
The only different is that this Argentina or South America ones, has different printed cd's, using another company name.
Note that this is CDR bootlegs. Well done, but well.... This info is mainly to other hard collectors. Make your own choice....
Some of them has been around for some month already. I've got info they are produced in Argentina, but might not be true.
It doesn't matter anyway. Just some more re-release bootlegs to rip you off. Don't pay much fore these copied versions. Or the best,
don't but them at all. I guess, quite sure they are released in many copies of each title.


MAY 2008
Not so much right now, only a Pro-CDR release of the officially 2LP V.A. / Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea ZR 080509 (1CDR)
Not so much no mention. QUEEN only got 1 track "Now I'm Here" on this officially release.
I've added info on "Complete Kampuchea Concert" 2CD (Gypsy Eye), which I have (un-sure why) forgot to included so far.
I have updated some pages with cover scans.

APRIL 2008

NEW Bootleg released.

QUEEN - HAIL TO MAJESTY Portland, USA, 28.April 1974 CD plus bonus DVD-R (Rainbow 1974) WARDOUR-055
Queen We’ll Give You Crazy Performances (A New  DVD bootleg. Paris 79, Bodokan Hall April 79.) Has great footage from the Jazz tour from both Paris and Tokyo. 

MARCH 2008

Another Houston 77 DVD (silver pressed) is just released. this time from another source in better quality.
That's what it say's. I'll get it next week. Full info then.
I have  got this one now, it's from a BETTER video copy than previously DVD's, but still not as good as an officially DVD release.

A VINYL bootleg is also released for a time ago. It's taken from the Rainbow November 74 video.
I'll get it next week. Full info then.
I've got this to. Nothing specially. I'll scan the cover, and ad it late on.


Well friends, in the last months there has been re-released some DVDR titles. No big news, just some old shows out again in new packing.
Ok, it's might be interested since there are some 'definitive' versions. That's what the cover says. I haven't got any of them yet. Not sure if I will.
I just say they might be in a bit better quality that previously versions. That's good ok, since we probably never will see Queen Production, released this show officially on the marked al all.
I have planes to make a DVD bootleg page, with as much info as possible. But, have problems to find time to do it.
Some of the
DVDR (re-) released recently. Shows: Houston 77, Earls Court 77 & Rainbow Nov. 74. All well known.
I haven't ordered them yet. It's just another covers.....


See QUEEN's homepage for all new info about new contract with VIRGIN records, about re-release cd' with bonus tracks.

Queen released world-wide a new Queen best of 'album' on CD & Vinyl..
You can pre-order all the formats true QUEEN'S own homepage. Note: There is be a handful of various versions available. So now you can get rid of some money.

- Regular 1cd
- Regular cd + cd with comments by Brian & Roger 2cd
- Book with 2cd as over.
- 3LP vinyl version
- t-shirt with downloads
Also a collector box in 500 copies ONLY, was offered for sale. But all those has goon for long time ago.

FUTURE work with Paul Rodgers 
There's NO tour planned with QUEEN + Paul Rodgers in the future. Brian & Roger has promote the musical "We Will Rock You", which now is on tour around everywhere. UK 2010.
Actually, the collaboration with Paul Rodgers has ended. There is no dramatic in this. 
They just feel they have take this touring & release of a studio album. as far as they can. You can read more at Brian May's homepage.

This work with Paul Rodgers was actually something which just turned up, after their appearance at the 'Hall Of Fame' UK show in London in 2004.

On June 15th. they officially released  DVD/ 2CD of the Ukraine show filmed in Kharkov on September 12th. 2008. This was a free show live at the historic Freedom Square place.
Around 350.000 people was at this show, which was broadcasted live on Ukraine national television.

You can order this release, and other QUEEN officially albums etc. from

DVD (only)
This release is out in 3 various 'versions'.

DVD + 2CD 

  Thin box w/t-shirt DVD + 2cd

Other officially records with QUEEN + Paul Rodgers


 Return of the Champions 
 DVD, 2CD +3LP box 
 Live Sheffield 2005 

Super Live In Japan
DVD (only) Live 2005 

 Cosmos Rocks  
CD & 2LP 
 NEW studio album 2008 


LIVE 2008 DOWNLOADS are for sale in the officially Queen online web page.
Queen production will do the same as they did in 2005, and offering
professional recorded live tracks for download sale.
Empty cdr with artwork is also be available to buy. You can click on link over, for this great pro-soundboard quality 2008 tour live recordings

A GREAT album called "Queen Guitar Rhapsodies" by Carlos Bonell who is a world renowned classical guitarist and who is currently working with Paul McCartney on his guitar concerto
Carlos has recorded 17 Queen songs, mainly from the 70's era along with the Lara Symphony Orchestra and choir  from Venezuela although we are based in London.
The cd is available on the official Queen website and from
The album also carries an endorsement from Brian May for the track "Love of My Life" which he described as "absolutely exquisite".

"Carlos Bonell is a guitarist of superb poetic gifts…." - New York Times