IN NUCH (The Roots Of The Band)

  1 LP

Label: Milestone MR 10070 BOX
Country: Europe.
Released: 17 December 2020.
Recorded: Pre- Queen tracks. "Larry Lurex" 1973, & "Smile" 1969. 
Sound: Excellent studio recording. All track from officially released records.
Cover: Box cover. I don't have this record, so I'm not quite sure about the cover. Look's a bit special.
Comments:  A box with a white vinyl disc special packed. Most for collectors which 'want it all'.
Well known recordings. This is actually a pirate album, since all tracks are taken from officially records.
'Milestone' has released all this tracks on other 'pirate' records, using the same title, but different cover. This release is released in 400 copies.

ALL images from PJ @queenunofficiallivevinyl.
Roots: Officially single (Larry Lurex), and mini 12Ince album (Smile).

Front cover

 Goin' Back  (Larry Lurex, b-side)
 Polar Bear  (Smile)
 Mad The Swine  (Queen, early track, b-side single)
 April Lady  (Smile)

 I Can Hear Music  (Larry Lurex, a-side)
 Earth  (Smile)
 Step On Me  (Smile)
 Blag  (Smile)


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Back cover