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Label: Left Field Media 68025
Country: I'm not sure, guess Europe.
Released: February 2022.
Recorded: Various, see behind on each track.
Sound: I guess very good to excellent. Some pro recording, some audience.
Roots: Various live tracks & a few studio or similar recordings. See info behind the tracks.

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 CD 1
 1. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care  (Live Mannheim, Germany 1986)
 2. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)  (Live Mannheim, Germany 1986)
 3. Tutti Frutti  (with 'Fish' of Marillion. Live Mannheim, Germany 1986)
 4. Jailhouse Rock
 5. Saturday Night Is Alright For Fighting
 6. Guitar Jam/ Gimme Some Lovin
 7. Bama Lama Bama Loo
 8. Big Spender
 9. It Is In Everyone Of Us  (Freddie duet with Cliff Richard and 'Time' musical cast, live at Domenian Theatre in 1988)
 10. Lucille
 11. Stupid Cupid
 12. Immigrant Song  (Live in Berlin on the 'Magic Tour' 1986. Queen performed a short version of this Led Zeppelin song)
 13. Imagine
 14. Not Fade Away
 15. Rain
 16. White Christmas
 17. Great Pretender
 18. Barcelona
 19. Another One Bites The Dust
 20. Jailhouse Rock
 21. Under Pressure
 22. We Are The Champions
 23. God Save The Queen

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