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All  titles with yellow are 'silver pressed' cd's.
Titles with
red are professional CDR
produced cd's. (NO homemade cdr's in this pages).

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Brian May

Back To The Light tour '93  2cd  (WV 312B 1/2)  [Kawasaki, Japan 93]
Back To The Light Tour England 1993 
2cd  (BTTI CD 148/149)  [Birmingham & London 93]
Back To The May & Powell 
1cd  (Gypsy Eye 208)  [Rio De Janeiro 92]
 Live In Barcelona '93  1cd  (Alive The Live)  [Barcelona, Spain  December 14th.1993] 
England 1993 
2cd  (LSCD 52590 1/2)  [Birmingham & London 93]
Final Day 
2cd  (Masterport 200)  [Rehearsals 92/93]
Live In Barcelona '93  1cd  (Alive The Live) [Barcelona 93] 
Live in UK '94   2cd  (On Stage 2387)  [Birmingham & London 93]

Long Live The Queen  1cd  (SC 52014)  [New York 93]
Out On His Own 
1cd  (KTS 196)  [Los Angeles 93]
Since You Been Gone 
2cd  (KO 930302 1/2)  [Osaka 93]
Since You've Been Gone  2cd  (Tarentura )  [Osaka 93] 

We Will Rock the Palace 
1cd  (BMY 021)  [Los Angeles 93]

Una Noche A Sevilla 
2cd  (MECD 2061/2062)  [Sevilla, Spain 91]   Brian May band w/others

1984 / Extraordinary Amalgam  1cdr  (TQ 001 CD)  [Studio 67]   
Another World To.... 
  2cdr  (SP 11422)  [Osaka 98]
Back To The Light Tour Rehearsals  1cdr  [Rehearsals 92]  
Eastern Horizon  2cdr  (Trial 086)  [Tokyo Nov 4th. 1993 ]
Feat. Neil Murray & Cozy Powell  1cdr  (BLUE.U-306)  [Los Angeles 93 & London 67] 
Incident  4cdr & 1dvdr  (WM Production) w/Kerry Ellis (2016)  [QAL band Krakow 2016 & Warsaw 1998, 2cdr (Brian May Band)]

Live Forever
  2cdr  (TMOQ Sheap Thrills)  [Tokyo, Nov. 10th. 98]
Live For The Anniversary  w/Kerry Ellis  2cdr  (Breakdown)  [Malta 2014] 
Live In The Another World  2cdr  (Anaconda 019/020)  [Nagoya 98]
Live Red Special  4cdr  (Breakdown 798)  [Newcastle & Paris 98]   

Love Will Rock You  2cdr  (TMOQ Sheap Thrills)  [Tokyo, Nov. 11th. 98]
Nottingham 1998  2cdr  (Uxbridge)  [Nottingham, October 24th. 98]
Red Special In Another Space  2cdr  (Metal Sword)  [Hamburg 98] 
Rehearsals  1cdr  (Masterport 082)  [Studio rehearsals 92/93]
2cdr  (Breakdown 31)  [Hamburg 98]
Rock You To The Light  2cdr  (Uxbridge 241)  [Tokyo Nov 4th. 93]  
St. Paul 10 October 1993  2cdr  (HN 045)  [St. Paul USA 83, QUEEN-Waterbury 74]   
The Dark In The Light  1cdr  (Gypsy Eye Project)  [Los Angeles 93] 
Tokyo 1993 First Night  2cdr  (not on label)  [Tokyo Nov 4th. 93]  

Roger Taylor

Crossfire  1cd  (SD 006)  (with 'The Cross')  [Amsterdam 90]
Gosport Festival '93 
1cd  (CRCD 102)  (with 'The Cross')  [Gosport 93]
Half Queen Appearance 
2cd  (Gypsy Eye 221/222)  (with 'The Cross')  [London 90 & Dortmund 98]
It's Not Easy To Define It  2cd  (SR-RT 101/102)  [Wolverhampton 94]
Live At The Marquee 
1cd  (CRCD 98)  (with 'The Cross')  [London 92]

Celebrate 20th Reunion  1cdr 1dvdr (with 'The Cross')  [Guilford 13+more]  
Mad Bad And Marvellous
1cdr  ( MRJ Records 001) (with 'The Cross')  [Geneva 90]
The Cross Plays Queen  2cdr  (Gypsy Eye Project) (with 'The Cross')  [London 90 & Dusseldorf 91]  
Rock City 1988  1cdr  (Uxbridge)  (with 'The Cross')  [Nottingham 88] 
Rock And Roll Frontier 
2cdr  (Breakdown 11 A/B)  [Wolverhampton 99]
Wintershall 2011  1cdr  (GZM 031)  [Bramley UK 11] 

Freddie Mercury
Barcelona Session  1cdr  (Circle Music) [Barcelona session 87-88]
Isolated Vocal Tracks  1cdr  (WR 891)  [Vocal part of songs]   

Mr. Sad Guy
  1cd  (PR 40071)  [Officially extended tracks]
Original Singles Remix Versions 
2cd  (MJJ)  [Collection of solo studio tracks] 
Piano Works 
1cdr  (WR 1084)  [Piano studio]
IBEX - Savage Young Mercury 
1cd  (Gypsy Eye 212)  [Ibex live Liverpool 69/ Queen New Orleans, USA 74]
IBEX - Sink Club Liverpool 1969  1cdr  (Uxbridge 1416)  [Ibex live Liverpool 69]  

State Of Shock 
1cd  (Great Pretender Rec. 001)  [Demo & un-released tracks]

The Reaction & The Opposition

Acetate Collection  1cd  (Wardour 299) [Studio & live 66-70]

SMILE  pre-Queen with Roger & Brian.

Gettin' Smile  1cdr  (not on label) Smile + more.

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