2 CD

Label: Masterworks. MW1601CD1/2
Country: Japan (I guess)
Released: October 2016
Recorded: Studio recording.
Sound: Studio recording.
Comments:  Well, it's claimed to be a HD Revision Remix and Remasters 2016 release.
I don't have the cd's, so I can't confirm or give more explain about this release.
But it might be more than less what the sleeve says. 'Strippet'? I'm not sure how much really.
CD 1 is what we all see, the 1974 album 'QUEEN II' .
QUEEN II, is the album I discoverd Queen band back in 1977. Fantastic album. My favourite Queen album.
Roots: CD 1 from officially album. Others, CD 2 from variouse sources. Some known...some more unsure.

Front cover

 1. Procession
 2. Father To Son
 3. White Queen (As It Began)
 4. Someday One Day
 5. The Loser In The End
 6. Ogre Battle
 7. The Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke
 8. Nevermore
 9. The March Of The Black Queen
 10. Funny How Love Is
 11. Seven Seas of Rhye
 - - - - - - - extra - - - - - - -
 12. See What A Fool I’ve Been
 13. Ogre Battle (Hollywood Remix  1991)
 14. Seven Seas of Rhye (Hollywood Remix 1991)

  CD TWO  HD Revision Remix and Remasters 2016
 1. Procession (Standalone Mix)
 2. Father To Son (Standalone Mix)
 3. White Queen (As It Began) (Standalone Mix)
 4. Ogre Battle (Standalone Mix)
 5. The Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke (Standalone Mix)
 6. Nevermore (Standalone Mix)
 7. The March Of The Black Queen (Standalone Mix)
 8. Funny How Love Is (Single Mix)
 9. Seven Seas of Rhye (Extended Ending Mix)
 10. Procession (BBC Live at Golders Green Hippodrome)
 11. Father To Son (BBC Live at Golders Green Hippodrome)
 12. See What A Fool I’ve Been (BBC 2)
 13. Ogre Battle (BBC 3)
 14. White Queen (As It Began) (BBC 4)
 15. Nevermore (BBC 4)
 16. Father To Son (No Fadeout Mix)
 17. Seven Seas of Rhye (New Remix)

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Back cover

70’s Queen initial masterpiece album 2 title appeared in 2016, the latest remix & remastered Ultimate Collector’s Edition! QUEEN “Expanded Collector’s Edition” = HD of Rivijon Remix and Lee Masters 2016 Queen collector must listen of the initial Queen by “Expanded Collector’s Edition” series masterpiece “Queen II” and “the Opera night “are two titles simultaneously release a new appearance! Thorough polish to the sound source analysis and best quality has been acclaimed to collectors around the world in Good album songs remixed by “HD Rivijon Remix”. Furthermore Rare Tracks also packed, including the first appearance sound source from the BBC live and mix difference to the Out Takes. Is the ultimate Collector’s Edition, which was finished in what has been fulfilling in more official literally.

[Collector’s point] attention of “HD Rivijon Remix” the past of any official source and multi-track a thorough analysis and vocals and songs overall sound image correction from balance adjustment of each instrument in what was digital restoration work, noise correction, etc. exactly It has been finished to the best sound of the professional quality that make full use of the latest remastering technology.
Compared to listen to its splendor in the past for various album version of this remix with headphones new that difference is mellow sound and also different sound image design mix itself up to now in the clear in the Rekizen beyond the level of normal remastered in this release sound source of attention the whole world of collectors has been a topic praised as a dimension of the remix will deliver as a 2016 edition that was further restore its original sound source. Also “stripped-mix” further BBC live and mix difference each song was speculated the realism by reducing the “stand-alone mix” and the number of sounds that were separated in each extra recording, including the first appearance sound source to the Out Takes Rare Tracks is also attention.
Large recommended items of none of all the geeky sound source research overseas Queen collector stamp of approval! Permanent press platen first appearance!