LEEDS 1982   2 Source Mix

 2 CD

Label: Wardour 474
Country: Japan.
Released: May 2021.
Recorded: Live at Elland Road, Leeds, UK 29th May 1982.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  A 2 source mix of the concert, make it complete in the best sound. Previously released by same label in September 2020 (Wardour 436). This previously 2cd are enclosed as a bonus gift with the first 80 cd's.
Only the first 120 sheets will be released with numbered stickers.
[DEFINITIVE LEEDS 1982] is specially included only with the first 80 sets numbered sticker (1-120).
The manufacturer may be sold out at the time of ordering. Please be aware of this before ordering.
Roots: Audience recorded tapes.
Time: 49:42 / 59:34

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape)
 2. The Hero
 3. We Will Rock You  (fast version)
 4. Action This Day
 5. Play The Game
 6. Staying Power
 7. Somebody To Love
 8. Now I'm Here ~
 9. Dragon Attack ~
 10. Now I'm Here  (reprise)
 11. Love Of My Life
 12. Keep Yourself Alive  (improvisation)
 13. Save Me
 CD 2
 1. Back Chat
 2. Get Down, Make Love
 3. Guitar solo
 4. Under Pressure
 5. Fat Bottomed Girls
 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Tie Your Mother Down
 9. Another One Bites The Dust
 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen

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Back cover
BONUS 2cd with 80 first of above 2cd.

Cover of the BONUS 2cd (Wardour 436)


Brian May talks about "the best show", and the miracle concert "1982 Leeds" that QUEEN enthusiasts around the world also give special attention to. The first ever "complete recording" that updated the longest is born.

It is "May 29, 1982 Elland Road performance" that is imbued with such a work. It's a complete audience recording. The two points of this work are "the legendary absolute masterpiece" and "the first perfect body in history". The most special thing is the famous performance that Brian himself admits, so let's start talking from there (if you already know it, please skip to the second half).

[Absolute super-masterpiece that Brian calls a lifelong show]
For QUEEN fans, "1982" was a special year with various meanings. The biggest monster "HOT SPACE" was controversial and developed into a suspension of activities and a theory of dissolution. However, it is exactly the opposite for sound source enthusiasts. It was also the year of a good harvest, with a large number of great performances of ridiculous explosion tension and a large number of famous recordings recording the scene. The more the unfortunate image of general fans is deeply rooted, the more people may have thought that it was a bit smirking and laughing.

I think that image has been relaxed since the officialization of "QUEEN ON FIRE: LIVE AT THE BOWL", but that show was not the peak. As I introduced at the beginning, it was the Leeds performance that Brian himself was completely satisfied with and remembered. This work is a live album where you can enjoy the show with the highest peak sound, which even said "I wanted to shoot at Leeds from (QUEEN ON FIRE) Milton Keynes".

I've been talking about "QUEEN ON FIRE" as a major premise, but if you don't have an overview of "HOT SPACE TOUR" in mind, it may not come to you. Let's check the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

<< March "HOT SPACE" completed >>
・ April 9-May 22: Europe (26 performances)
《May 21st release of “HOT SPACE”》
・ May 29-June 5: UK (4 performances)
・ July 21-September 15: North America (33 performances)
・ October 19th-November 3rd: Japan (6 performances)

The above is the whole picture of the 1982 tour that enthusiasts love so much that general fans do not look at it. However, the miracle of the "HOT SPACE Tour" was the "Europe" and "UK" legs in the first half. "QUEEN ON FIRE" was the last day of the "UK" tour, but the Leeds performance of this work was the first day in the UK about a week ago.

[Traditional name recording that achieved an upgrade]
This show became a legend with Brian's words, and the recording has been famous for a long time. Masterpieces such as "HOTTEST LEEDS" and "DEFINITIVE LEEDS 1982" have been widely loved in our shop, but they were all incomplete versions with cuts. However, another recording has recently been discovered. Since the cut points are different, the complete shape of the show was realized by complementing it.

That is this work. The main is using the highest peak of the conventional recording (1st Gene), while the cut points are complemented with the new recording (also 1st Gene). It's a complete album where you can enjoy the full show seamlessly. As for the complementary points, see the songs below, and the effect is surprisingly large. Although I could hear all the songs that were played from the conventional recording, the performance was cut off in some places. For example, "Get Down, Make Love". At the end of the song, the reverberation of the synth was roaring, and it was cut off and jumped to the guitar solo, but in reality, this reverberation lasted for nearly 30 seconds, and the guitar solo started in the form of breaking it. It's not an important performance part in terms of music, but the fact that it's cut off means that I couldn't hear Brian's intended production.

Furthermore, the final stage of the show is even bigger. The recorder seems to be concerned about the remaining amount of tape, and stops the tape frequently toward the end of the game. Most of them are waiting for Angkor, but since the performance resumes after the performance starts, the recording was omitted at each end of the performance. For example, the ending 14 seconds of "Tie Your Mother Down" and the drum intros of "Another One Bites The Dust" and "We Will Rock You" are every few seconds. Depending on how you listen, the stop timing is also strangely skillful, but by seamlessly connecting without breaking, you can now immerse yourself in the show without any discomfort.

It was irresistible because it was a masterpiece of life that stuck to Brian's mind that it became a complete form in this way. The European leg of "HOT SPACE Tour" was so successful that it was said that "everything was a masterpiece", but among them, Leeds was "TOP FO THE TOPS". Freddie's vocals, which can be heard in a funny way, and the three people who play with explosive tension so that Freddie pulls them, are so iron-clad that there is no end to them. It's important to have something like "flow of qi" because you play live at once, and this work is also a live album where you can enjoy it without interruption.

Brian also talked about "LIVE AID" and the 1986 Wembley Stadium performance as a masterpiece of his life, but they also added the emotion of standing at the huge venue and the response of the resurrection. In contrast, "1982 Leeds" is not. Rather, it was a night when "HOT SPACE" was headwinding, and the satisfaction of the performance and the splendor of the show alone made it a "masterpiece of life." This work is the first live album in history where you can experience the complete form of such a miracle show. Please enjoy it anytime, forever with the permanent storage press 2CD!

★ Complete audience recording of "May 29, 1982 Elland Road Performance", which Brian May describes as "the best show of his life". Complementing the well-known recording (the highest master) with newly discovered audience recording. Finished in the first complete form in history. The parts that were previously cut off are seamlessly connected, and you can enjoy the production that you did not know before, such as the guitar solo that breaks the synth reverberation of "Get Down, Make Love". The "flow of qi" is important because the live performance is performed at once, and this work is the first live album in history where you can enjoy the absolute masterpiece of miracles in that dimension without interruption.

★★ The first 80 sheets (sticker No. 1-80) will come with the best ready-made "DEFINITIVE LEEDS 1982" (Press 2CD, Wardour-436).
The main press 2CD is a live album where you can fully experience the absolute masterpiece that Brian May talks about as a masterpiece of life. As mentioned in the commentary, this show has long been known for its famous recordings, and the main part of the main story "LEEDS 1982: 2 SOURCE MIX" was the conventional recording. Therefore, as a special bonus, we have also prepared the highest quality board that allows you to experience the show only with conventional recording of 100% purity.

That's why the one that is permanently preserved in this work is the same "May 29, 1982 Elland Road Performance" as the main story "LEEDS 1982: 2 SOURCE MIX". It is the masterpiece audience recording. This work is the highest peak board that refined the traditional masterpiece recording that has been known from the past with meticulous and latest mastering. The upgrade was a big topic at the time of release, but the recording itself is extremely wonderful in the first place. As a master who has been loved by the famous board "HOTTEST LEEDS" in our shop, its clearness and direct feeling far exceed the common sense of the audience. The sound of the bass drum oozes like a guest record, while the direct feeling that the air is not completely pierced through the center of the clear clear space. And the details are super clear, Freddie's singing voice can feel the nuances contained in each word of the lyrics, and Brian's guitar is so vivid that you can feel the angle of the pick that hits the strings. The factor of the direct feeling is probably in the venue. "Elland Road", the site of this work, is an open space stadium with a large ceiling. On top of that, it was probably recorded right next to the PA. The sound produced by the on-site PA is picked up neatly with zero echo. That's why, although it sucks in a big cheer, the balance that feels QUEEN far closer than that is realized.

And this work is the highest peak updated version that maximizes the possibility of such original sound. The tape change part of the lump is finished smoothly, but the sound itself is more than that. Of course, the vividness of the outline and the sound are organized without imitating the natural feeling of the sound pressure earned. The direct feeling and the goodness of omission, which are the best tastes, are greatly improved, and that is what makes the sound as detailed as the sound board.

The upgrade sound is a masterpiece of life that clings to Brian's mind. Since the set is almost the same as "QUEEN ON FIRE", I will omit the analysis, but the explosive tension that spins the set is overwhelming. Anyway, Freddie's voice is strong, and it can be extended and freely. Even if you run up to high with great momentum, the margin does not collapse, and the vibrant sound width of Vivrat is also decided. Perhaps I'm so happy to hear all-you-can-eat voices as I wish, Freddie's tension rises, and a dynamic improvisation like trying out his own throat pops out. I think this great performance is due to the fact that we have welcomed support members in addition to our age. From this tour, Morgan Fisher has been accompanied by the keyboard, and the number of scenes where Freddie plays the piano has decreased dramatically. On the other hand, I was able to concentrate on vocals and take action freely. Even the feeling of openness exudes in the singing voice of this work.

Of course, the three people who were inspired by Freddie also had great tension, and the super tight and powerful beats were also great. And of course, Brian, who asserts that "Leeds is special" and does not stop, is also in great shape. There is no trouble that the strings break like "QUEEN ON FIRE", and I play it comfortably. If there is a scene that makes you feel that kind of scene, is it after "Love Of My Life"? Freddie improvises and sings "Keep Yourself Alive" to interact with the audience, but Brian pauses on the piano as if it's about time. He goes into "Save Me". The timing and the unreasonable way of entering are somewhat funny, and I can see Brian playing with a smile and Freddie's expression laughing back.

While "God Save The Queen" was playing, Freddie shouted "Absolutely fabulous. Thank you very much!" And "We shall not forget you!" Originally, we should devote the number of characters to the precious "Action This Day", "Staying Power", and "Back Chat", but that is not the case. Anyway, you can experience the tremendous masterpiece performance of explosive tension with super direct sound ... This real pleasure is too intense.

A press 2CD depicting the legendary masterpiece engraved in Brian's heart with the highest sound ever. In the main story "LEEDS 1982: 2 SOURCE MIX", you can experience the perfect body of the show, but you can enjoy this work with a sense of unity in which the sound quality does not switch at all. A chance to have two top live albums on a press CD. Please do not miss it!