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Label: Flashback 09.90.0130
Country: Luxembourg
Released: 1990/91 not sure exactly
Recorded: BBC session 1973, BBC 'In Concert '75.  See in track list for info.
Sound: Very good soundboard recording (BBC recordings)
Comments: One of the first Queen bootleg cd's. Audience handclaps, are added in between the BBC '73 studio session tracks. Also available on 1LP vinyl bootleg (basically same cover). 
ALL tracks available on other bootlegs. 
Un-interested cd.  A -rip off- production.
Roots: Other Queen bootlegs. But, originally sours comes from BBC radio fm-broadcast's, except of the Rainbow 74 tracks, which seams to comes from Queen's archives. 
Might be those rumours of a work on a possible officially live album, which never saw daylights. And for some reason, the recordings ended on the bootleg marked. But, I can NOT confirm this story, but it's NOT a BBC tape.
Time:  46:26

Front cover

See What A Fool I've Been
Keep Yourself Alive
Son And Daughter
(studio, BBC session July 1973. Overdubs with audience  handclaps. 'ridiculous'...)

Father To Son
Ogre Battle
Son And Daughter
(Rainbow Theatre, London   March 31st. 1974. soundboard multi track live recording)

White Queen  (Hammersmith Odeon, London   December 24th. 1975.  BBC 'In Concert')

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