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Label: Orange Records OR 16
Country: Europe (I think...?)
Released: 2003
Recorded: Kyuden Auditorium Fukuoka, Japan  October 19th. 1982.
Sound: Excellent audience recording
Comments: Cover say's live at Los Angeles Forum, LA. USA on Sept. 15th. 1982. Information I have collected, say's this recordings comes from a Japanese concerts. I think it's correct, but it's difficult to know, since there is no place mention, or any Japanese word mention by Freddie or other in the band.
In LA on Sept. 15th.,  Billy Squier joins them on stage with 'Jailhouse Rock', but this track is not on the 3LP. That's strange since this would be a collectable track.
Roots: Originally this recording comes from 'Hot Space Tour'82 vinyl 3LP album.
Time: 76:52

Front cover

Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape)
Rock It  (not listed, listed 'The Hero')
We Will Rock You
Action This Days
Somebody To Love
Calling All Girls
Medley: Now I'm Here
             Put Out The Fire
             Dragon Attack
             Now I'm Here  (end part, not listed)
Love Of My Life
Save Me
Get Down Make Love
Body Language
Back Chat  (not listed)
Under Pressure  (not listed)
Bohemian Rhapsody  (not listed)
Tie Your Mother Down  (not listed)

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