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Label: Ultimate Sound  US 46 
Country: I guess European cd.
Released: ca. January 2002
Recorded: Rainbow Theatre, London November 20th. 1974. Part might be from the  day before (audio).
And De Lane Lea studio, London autumn 1971. 
Sound: Excellent soundboard recordings, video say's mono.
Comments: As far as I know, this recording are from November the 20th. 1974. Sounds like it's a bit overdubbed in parts of the vocal lines.
Nice cd, but already well known on other bootleg cd's. Queen also played at Rainbow the 19th. The info I have, is that both concert was recorded, for a possible live album. And one was filmed. But, there wasn't released anything at that time. Around a half hour film was made out to cinemas, to use as a pre-film for the Led Zeppelin cinema movie 'The Song Remains The Same'.
The video film might including audio parts from the first date. Mixing, but I can't confirm this. It's must have been quit expensive to hire a film team to film 2 concerts at that time, so I find it un-realistic that both date was filmed, even some stories say so.
You can find this concert out on many bootleg DVD's. Officially released on a VHS video, to be included in the 1992 worldwide mail-order Queen box called "Box of Trix". 
Finally, It might be true that both date was filmed, but I just find it a bit difficult to believe.
Roots: Rainbow concert, from 'Box of Trix' video. Demo recordings, from 'In The Beginning' (MIKO) boot cd.
Time: 78:26

Front cover

 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Now I'm Here 
 Ogre Battle
 White Queen 
 Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods 
              Killer Queen 
              The March Of The Black Queen 
              Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 Son And Daughter
 Father To Son
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Son And Daughter
  (end part) (not listed)
 Stone Cold Crazy 
 In The Lap Of The Gods....revisited 
 Jailhouse Rock 
 God Save The Quee
(not listed on cover)
 (Rainbow Theatre, London  Nov. 20th. 1974)

 Keep Yourself Alive
 The Night Comes Down
 Great King Rat

 ('De Lane Lea' studio demos, London autumn 1971.)

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