2 CD & 2DVD

Country: Japan.
Released: October 2020.
Recorded: 'A Kind Of Magic'
Sound: Excellent, but might various on some songs.
Comments:  This 2cd & 2dvd contains the officially 1986 'A Kind Of Magic' album, with b-side single track & remix + other recordings from that session. See behind for more info.
The Montreux live tracks on the DVD, is playback audio. There was used playback on this television 'festival'. A well known television program in the eighties. Many major band appear on that program. Most of them with playback sound.
Roots: Officially 1986 album + b-side, remix and from other sources. See behind the tracks.




 CD 1
 1. One Vision
 2. A Kind Of Magic
 3. One Year Of Love
 4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
 5. Friends Will Be Friends
 6. Who Wants To Live Forever
 7. Gimme The Prize
 8. Don't Lose Your Head
 9. Princes Of The Universe

 10. One Vision  (single version)
 11. Blurred Vision  (b-side single)
 12. A Kind Of Magic  (Highlander version)
 13. A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling  (b-side)
 14. Who Wants To Live Forever  (Single version)
 15. Forever  (b-side, piano version of track 14)
 16. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure  (Single version)
 17. Gimme The Prize  (The eYe instremental remix)
 18. A Kind Of "A Kind Of Magic"
 19. New York New York

 CD 2
 1. One Vision  (Extended version)
 2. A Kind Of Magic  (Extended version)
 3. One Year Of Love  (Extended version)
 4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure  (Extended version)
 5. Friends Will Be Friends  (Will Be Friends) (Extended version)
  6. Gimme The Prize  (Extended version)
  7. Don't Lose Your Head (The eYe Instremental remix)
  8. Princes Of The Universe  (Townhouse studio version)
  9. One Year Of Love (Townhouse studio version)
  10. Battle Scene  (Demo)
 11. Who Wants To Live Forever  (Demo)
  12. Butterfly  (Demo)
  13. A Kind Of Vision  (Demo)
  14. One Vision  (Multitrack remix)
  15. Who Wants To Live Forever  (Freddie vocal version)
  16. Gimme The Prize  (The eYe version)
  17. One Vision  (The eYe version)
  18. It's Magic / A Kind Of Magic  (The eYe version)

  All Tracks Remix and Remastered Compilation 2020.

  DVD 1
 One Vision
 A Kind Of Magic
 One Year Of Love
 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
 Friends Will Be Friends
 Who Wants To Live Forever
 Gimme The Prize
 Don't Lose Your Head
 Princes Of The Universe
 Multiple Selections Audio 1) Remaster Stereo 2) Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround 3) Instrumental Tracks 4) Vocal Main Tracks

 One Vision (Complete version)
 Princes Of The Universe (Complete version)

  DVD 2
 One Vision (Original promo)
 One Vision (Extended version)
 One Vision (Iron Eagle version)
 One Vision (Making & alternate version)
 A Kind Of Magic (Original promo)
 A Kind Of Magic (Making & alternate version)
 A Kind Of Magic (Highlander version)
 Princes Of The Universe (Original promo)
 Princes Of The Universe (Highlander version)
 Friends Will Be Friends (Original promo)
 Who Wants To Live Forever (Original promo)
 Who Wants To Live Forever (Highlander version)
 Who Wants To Live Forever (Live version)
 Gimme The Prize (Highlander version)
 New York New York (Highlander version)
 One Year Of Love (Original promo)
 One Year Of Love (Alternate version)
 One Vision (Live in Montreux 1986)
 Year-Oh (Live in Montreux 1986)
 A Kind Of Magic (Live in Montreux 1986)
 Friends Will Be Friends (Live in Montreux 1986)
 Hammer To Fall (Live in Montreux 1986)

 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo / 5.1 Surround
 DVD1 = time approx. 40min.x4 audio-selections + video 54min.
 DVD2 = time approx. video 77min.

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  Inside booklet


From Internet review page.

Queen's ultimate album thorough research series "Expanded Collector's Edition" 11th album "A Kind of Magic" released in 1986 is now available as a 2CD & 2DVD set! The album "A Kind of Magic", which overcame the crisis of the band's survival including solo activities and was enthusiastically welcomed by the legendary Live Aid and challenged the production, is a number of singles that doubles as the soundtrack of the movie "Highlander".
It is an ambitious work of the late Queen who also produced hits, recorded the number one in the UK, and eventually made the final large-scale tour.
CD1 contains the latest remixes and remasters that are slightly different from the original songs of all the albums, as well as single versions and songs not included in the album.
CD2 contains an extended version from the album and valuable demos and remixes of the production process. As with the previous series,
DVD1 has 4 types of multi-audio such as 5.1 surround mix, instrumental karaoke tracks, vocal main tracks, etc., in addition to remastered stereo with multi-audio selection for all songs lyric images. Includes an "audio album" that you can listen to and compare. In addition, a 54-minute complete version of the valuable making footage of "One Vision" and "Prince's of the Universe" is recorded.
DVD2 contains a "video collection" of different versions of promotional videos, TV versions, live footage, etc. This is the 11th series of the Expanded Collector's Edition, which cannot be overlooked as the "Ultimate Album Thorough Research Series", which is a maniac deep dive into the album as before! !!

[Collector's Point]
In the first half of CD1, all songs of the album are recorded as "Original Album Remix and Remaster" with a revised remastered sound source by new restore editing. The album mix is ​​different from the regular version. The second half includes a version edited for singles, a single coupling song not included in the album, and "New York New York" released in the movie "Highlander".
CD2 contains an extended version from an album that can be called an "alternate album". It also covers all versions that are only recorded in analog, such as "Friends Will Be Friends". Also noteworthy are the valuable early versions of "Prince's of the Universe," "One Year of Love," and the unreleased songs "Battle Scene," "Butterfly," and "Live Forever." This time, the volume of the DVD has been increased and it is recorded on two DVDs. As in the past,
DVD1 has a lyric video with lyrics flowing in real time as an "audio album", remastered stereo with multi-audio selection, 5.1 surround mix, instrumental tracks, and vocal main tracks. Recorded with 4 types of audio option specifications that can be selected and compared. This section is also useful for maniac listening comparison, sound source verification, and karaoke. In addition, a 54-minute complete version of the valuable making footage of "One Vision" and "Prince's of the Universe" is recorded. This is an interesting documentary that captures the shooting scene.
DVD2 contains various different versions of video clips such as promo video and movie "Highlander" version as "Video Collection", as well as pseudo live footage in Montreux, Switzerland in 1986.