QUEEN bootleg DVD's

This main page of Queen & solo bootleg/pirate DVD's. is NOT complete. This is just those I have come across true the years.
Included now is just a few titles. More will added time by time.
Here is photos of some others. They will all be added slowly.

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 Factory pressed 'silver' DVD disc's 


BUDAPEST    1DVD    (ROOM 101)    Budapest, Hungary June 27th. 1986. PRO-shot.
CHRISTMAS EVE AT HAMMERSMITH    1DVD    (ROOM 101)    Hammersmith, London UK Dec. 24th. 1975. PRO-shot.
HYDE PARK    1DVD    Earls Court, London June 6th. & 7th. 1977. PRO-shot.
LIVE CRAZY    1DVD    (Digital Q archive)    Hammersmith Dec. 26th. 1979. PRO-shot.
LIVE RHAPSODY  4DVD  (WLR-2170)  Houston 77, Earls Court 77, Rainbow 74 & Japan television various.
Apocalypse Sound AS 128)    Houston, Texas Dec. 11th. 1977. PRO-shot.
WE'LL GIVE YOU CRAZY PERFORMANCES        1dvd    (Apocalypse Sound AS)    Paris March 1st. & Tokyo April 24th. 1979. PRO-shot.

 Recordable Pro-DVD-r disc's

8mm FILM COLLECTION  2DVDR  various private films.
1DVD-R    w/Paul Rodgers + Queen videos etc.
Dead Flowers DVD-050) London Dec. 1975 PRO-shot.
EARLS COURT 1977 2nd Night  1DVDR (No label) Earls Court 77 Pro-shot.
1DVD-R    Vienna 1984 Private audience film.
(Northern Disc)    Various Jazz tour 1979. PRO-shot.
LIVE KILLERS version 2    1DVD-R    
    Various Jazz tour 1979. PRO-shot.
ROCK IN RIO - LOST FOOTAGES  1DVDR  (V-JAM)  Rio De Janeiro, January 1985.

BRIAN MAY solo DVD disc's.


ANOTHER WORLD SPECIAL    1DVD-R    VH1 broadcast + more.
COME TO ONESELF    1DVD-R    Audience film USA 1993. Private audience film.
ROLLIN' OVER ARGENTINA 1992    1DVD-R    Argentina 1992. Private audience film.
THE BRIXTON ACADEMY    1DVD    London June 15th. 1993. PROI-film.

  QUEEN + Paul Rodgers DVD 


COMPLETE SANTIAGO 2008  1DVDR  (Dead Flowers DVD-052)  Chile November 2008.
SCRAP BOOK 2008   2DVDR   Various live etc. from 2008 tour.
SOUTH AMERICA 2008  1DVDR  Live Chile & Argentina November 2008.

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